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Week 36 | Canadian Personal Finance News

Here is a list of all the best news stories and blog posts in Canada released this week dealing with Personal Finance in Canada. Use #CDNFinance to search social sites for more conversation. if you would like to add something to the list, please go ahead! Also, consider letting us know which stories you have read!


Kids and money: Give them opportunities to goof it up |

Kids and money. Will they ever learn? Parents, most of whom have had a few financial struggles over their lifetimes, constantly fret about the money minefields out there awaiting their children. We all know the stakes are much higher than they were 20 years ago; today we're facing near record unemployment among the under-30 crowd and often crushing student debt for young graduates.

What's Next For ING Direct: My Interview With Peter Aceto | Boomer & Echo

It's been nearly a year since Scotiabank officially acquired ING Direct, snapping up the online bank for $3.1 billion back in November. Scotia promised to keep its hands off ING's operations, opting to keep the bank as a separate, standalone entity. For the most part, Scotia's been true to its word.

RESPs and Back to School | Connection Made [List] | First Foundation

You know, sometimes i have the hardest time putting 2 and 2 together. Lately I have been noticing a lot of information circling the Interwebs talking about Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs).

Easy-peasy personal finance | Financial Post

To simplify my money managing, I turn to technology. combines all of my accounts in one place and helps me organize my budgets. I hate spreadsheets, but this app on my phone aggregates all of my numbers and tells me how much I spent on booze last week. Easy peasy.

Time to kill trailer commissions? | MoneySense Magazine

The Debate over whether Canada should ban trailer fees, the hidden commissions that advisers receive when they sell their clients mutual funds, is intensifying. Since the U.K. stopped the practice in January, the Canadian Securities Administrators have been aggressively pushing for similar reforms here.

Explaining taxes - and our civic duty - to kids |

Taxes are a fact of life in Canada and something your kids have already experienced as consumers. Have your children ever saved up to buy something and then been surprised that the amount they owed at the cash register was greater than the sticker price?

Monkey Brain and Spock | Hull Financial Planning

"It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want." -Mr. Spock Once upon a time, I thought I was going to have a company that rehabbed run-down properties in historic districts, scoop up all of the tax credits, which would lower the effective cost of purchasing these properties to 30% of the total cost, rent the properties out, lather, rinse, repeat, and get awesome hair like Donald Trump.

Giving RESPs as Baby Gifts | Young and Thrifty

As my buddy put it the other day, "My Facebook newsfeed now consists entirely of wedding/engagement announcements and baby pictures." Getting older kinda sucks Gen Y, what can we say. Friends having babies means friends inviting you to their infant children's birthday parties.

Sampling, Weighting, and the Average | Blessed by the Potato

September 2nd, 2013 by Potato ...or Real Estate: Changing Sales Mix and the Effect on Averages. The average is a very important way for us to reduce the complexity of a large number of things down to one measure that we can then compare to other groups of things.

More Buy-High and Sell-Low Advice | Michael James on Money

Here's a quote from Andrew Allentuck in this weekend's Financial Post: "If you are paying more in management expenses and commissions than you get in dividends and capital gains over a period of three to five years, consider changing portfolio mix or managers who created the mix."

Are Dividend Stocks Really Safe? | Money Geek

You sure about that, bud? Many people buy dividends stocks thinking they're safe. But is this really the case? Many people today like to invest in higher yielding dividend stocks. In this series, I explain the reasons why I'm not a fan of this approach. In our last installment, I...

Week 36 | Canadian Personal Finance News [List] | First Foundation

Canadian Personal Finance News List - all relevant news articles and blog posts from week 36 in one place! Enjoy.

Week 35 | Canadian Personal Finance News [List] | First Foundation

Week 35 | Canadian Personal Finance News - In Case you missed what happened last week, here are all the posts from week 35 #CDNFinance

Canadian Personal Finance - Community | Google+

Welcome to our public community dedicated to smart conversation around finances in Canada. Please read our community guidelines before posting on the wall. Our community objective is to share information around smart household finance in Canada with specific content including budgeting, money management, investments and fee-only financial planning.

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