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Top 5 Most Popular Thai Foods – Try some of the best out of an array of mouthwatering dishes!

Thailand is renowned for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, ornate temples, and fabulous shopping. Complementing these attractions is the tantalizing Thai cuisine turned out by expert Thai chefs using fresh herbs and spices with natural ingredients to titillate your taste buds.


Enjoy the flavours of Pad Thai

This stir-fried noodle is a national dish of Thailand made so skillfully by Thai chefs. Mostly made with chicken or shrimp it can also be vegetarian with the addition of tofu. Shallots and greens are tossed in a stir fry to which poached chicken strips, dried shrimp, a blend of tamarind and fish sauce are added to extract the flavours bringing out mouthwatering aromas. Finally, the cooked noodle is mixed with the greens, the sour and salty flavours and meat then artistically served on a platter. A filling and tasty dish enjoyed by locals and visitors at many restaurants in Sukhumvit.


Relish the goodness of Som Tam

This spicy Green Papaya Salad is a hot favourite of many, by itself as a filling yet healthy quick snack or a green dish with Thai sticky rice and meat or seafood. The main ingredient is shredded green papaya which is fresh raw papaya shredded to which chopped crisp vegetables are tossed such as cherry tomatoes and carrots. The greens needing a bit of mashing such as long beans and Thai chillies are pounded using pestle and mortar, adding in degrees roasted peanuts, garlic, dried shrimp, tamarind pulp, lime juice, palm syrup and fish sauce. This mix of chillies, sauces and shrimp are folded into the green papaya and crisp vegetables making it an enticingly fragrant and tasty salad popular with many visitors at [Emporium Suites by Chatrium.](


Savour Khao Pad

This fried rice dish is made using Thai Jasmine rice and is one of the favourite street food with locals and visitors. The proteins used such as chicken, pork, shrimp or crab meat enhance the flavour and aroma of this all in one dish. Sauteed green shallots, with chopped garlic and ginger, are folded in with juliennes of carrots and cabbage to which a mix of fish sauce and oyster sauce is dribbled along with the chopped proteins making it a quick and yummy dish. Most streets vendors too turn this out expertly on their well-seasoned wok, at surprisingly attractive prices.


Hot and spicy Tom Yum Soup

This spicy and pungent shrimp soup uses 02 unique ingredients used in Thai cooking, lemongrass and lime leaves. With only a few other ingredients such as Thai chillies, mushrooms, fish sauce and Thai chilli paste and of course whole shrimp this clear broth which is tart and tangy is a complete and filling meal. Add a dash of lime juice to the bowl before you ladle in the soup.


Be warmed by Tom Kha Gai

A quintessential chicken and coconut soup rich in flavour due to the thick coconut milk flavoured with lemongrass, lime juice, ginger, fish sauce, cilantro, chilli paste and basil and chunks of chicken. Savour the creamy goodness and have a sense of being replete or wanting a send serving. A filling and comforting dish.

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