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sept 8th

90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock

Blogging whether it is for your personal passion or for the corporate blog is quite often a journey that has its highs and lows. Sometimes we need to find that inspiration to write that next post or optimize the blog so that maybe one day you will be able to monetize your expertise and content and retire to the Bahamas.

Man Buys Promoted Tweet to Complain About British Airways

In a world where airlines lose your luggage, one man couldn't stand it anymore. No, this isn't a movie. In a real-life instance of the little guy challenging a giant corporation, Twitter user Hasan Syed has taken on British Airways by buying a promoted tweet to complain about his father's lost luggage.

Welcome to MicroKia: Microsoft buys Nokia's devices and services biz

In a deal that many saw coming, Microsoft just announced that it's acquiring Nokia's devices and services business. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed. "Nokia will now write its next chapter, focused on enabling mobility through its leadership in networking, mapping & location, and advanced technologies," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop wrote in a joint blog post.

Android Partnership With Kit Kat Goes Beyond OS Name

Google announced Tuesday that the next iteration of its Android mobile operating system (4.4) will be called KitKat. Google has a history of naming versions of its Android OS after desserts - Cupcake, Froyo, Gingerbread and Jelly Bean have all made the rotation - but never has the company chosen a branded candy for its OS.

Windows Is Dead, Google Killed It

Windows is dead. Let's all salute it-pour out a glass for it, burn a CD for it, reboot your PC one last time. Windows had a good run. For a time, it powered the world. But that era is over.

Nymi Is A Heartwave-Sensing Wristband That Wants To Replace All Your Passwords & Keys

Passwords could be passé if this Toronto-based startup has its way. Bionym, which was founded in 2011 and closed a $1.4 million (CAD) seed round last month, has devised a biometric recognition system in the form of a wearable wristband -- called Nymi, just launched as a pre-order for $79 for earl..

Women 2.0 Founder Friday Vancouver

Join Women 2.0 this September for Founder Friday Vancouver - hosted by Mozilla on Friday, September 13th from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pmFounder Friday is a Women 2.0 networking event to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors in innovative cities around the world.

21 Unbelievable B2B Content Marketing Statistics

B2B companies continue to be interested in content marketing as a means to connect with their prospects and customers, as a first step to generate leads with content and social media. While last ye...

Unlocking the Secrets to Finding Great Writers to Produce Your Content

In an age where content is the new gold standard of web-related and social media marketing; it's time to start producing great content or find someone who can. Anyone can write, the real feat comes not from putting words on paper, but from producing artistically crafted and genuinely interesting pieces of content that evoke a desired emotion from your readers.

How To Start A Successful Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Learning how to start a successful blog is the first step for many people beginning their online marketing careers. Most people can attribute their success online to owning a well established blog that engages readers and creates a reputable stage for sharing their content.

How PayPal's App Update Could Reinvent The Company

What is PayPal? A new update to its mobile apps, set to be unveiled today, had me thinking about that question. If PayPal executes well on the opportunities it's exploring, it may have many millions of its users rethinking the money-moving service, too.

6 Steps to Finding Your Twitter Audience

Targeting an audience on Twitter is critical and no simple task. Fortunately, there are a number of smart tools available that make it easier to connect with your market and build highly curated audience lists. These six steps help you find "your" people and segment them to monitor and engage them more effectively.

The Best Twitter Apps For Everything

Everyone's favourite microblogging social network has gotten huge enough to inspire an ecosystem of its own. There are hundreds of web apps and services that revolve around Twitter, enhancing some of its features or introducing new ones.