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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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List of Quick Facts to Know When Choosing Port Trailer Tires- Accelerating your Trailer Tire Knowhow

Due to the post-pandemic shift in buying patterns, producers of speciality tires offering high value for money in terms of durability, sustainability, and efficiency have had their work cut out for them. Here's what you need to evaluate before purchasing tires for port applications.


Tread Depth

While the essential features of your tires largely depend on the vehicle's principal activity, for instance, if a tractor is used exclusively for fields or a combination of forestry, farming, and trips across hard ground, there are certain requirements for all work categories. Since your tires are the only contact between you and the ground, they must have a good grip on any surface you drive across, which means that tread depth is crucial for controlling the vehicle in all sorts of weather and environments, resulting in optimal safety, comfort, and productivity.


Load Capacity

From safety and efficiency to agricultural impact, choosing the ideal tires can facilitate the best output from your machinery while saving you costs and helping you optimise precious farming time. For instance, the best tires for harvesting are the ones with maximum tractive force and made with high-quality materials that enable them to bear a payload of 55% more than standard tires. Such tires must also be reinforced with a special casing, usually of a rubber and resin combination, to boost their inflation capacity in carrying heavy loads. This key attribute enables farmers to utilise their trailers longer in the field without having to stop production, leading to reduced harvest times and the securing of better yields. If you're looking for agriculture tires with exceptional load-carrying capacity and reduced soil compaction, venture no further than GRI tires.


Multifunctional Prowess

Choosing tires for multipurpose use is both time-saving and cost-effective; for instance, tractors that can switch between field and livestock management, as well as regularly deliver the products on the road. These tires are typically characterised by increased traction capacity and high-flex (VF) properties reinforced with superior quality rubber that is more resistant to wear.


Speed Rating

Speciality tires are no longer limited to race cars and off-road vehicles, with the tire replacement market booming in countries such as Italy, whose Pirelli brand tailors to high-end Formula 1 Specifications, as well as Sri Lanka's GRI Tires who develop cutting-edge construction, forklift, and agriculture models. Another crucial factor to look out for is the tire's maximum speed for their rated loads (speed rating), which determines your control and handling ability at higher speeds, as well as its heat management capacity. This, again, depends on the function of the tire, with A8/25 mph the most common speed rating for agriculture tires.


Sustainable Sourcing

With the rise in ESG-themed investments and recognition of the long-term value of 'sustainable funds', countries like Sri Lanka have risen to the occasion in this competitive industry, with companies like GRI at the forefront. Therefore, whether you're going in for the extra-deep tread or exemplary run-time, it's worthwhile to consider a combination of pure sustainably sourced rubber and cutting-edge engineering technology that yields a multi-faceted and value-added solution to producers and consumers across the board.

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