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Must-Try Wellness Treatments in Vietnam- 6 treatments not to miss out on!

Wellness-seekers are turning to Vietnam for its ethnic healing practices, locally produced foods, and natural beauty. Get a new perspective on well-being with these six therapies in Vietnam.


Bamboo Roller Massage

Bamboo may be found growing across Vietnam's length and is used in a variety of facets of Vietnamese traditions and culture, including health and wellbeing. Young bamboo canes are rubbed over the body to relieve tight muscles after they have been dried in the sunlight and warmed immediately before treatment. If you have never had a bamboo massage before, you can anticipate strong, warm pressure that will smooth knots and relieve pains in your fatigued limbs.


Baths at a Thermal Spring

Natural hot spring baths are renowned across the globe for their mineral characteristics that help to stabilize and balance the body. When it comes to geothermal bathing, Vietnam's tropical flora provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop. Bathing in hot springs is beneficial to the skin, and it is a fantastic way to unwind before such a massage or to relax before bed. Dip yourself in the water beneath the stars to reconnect with nature and get the advantages of the water's healing properties. For traditional Vietnamese treatments, you can check out a Vietnam spa resort the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort for a good experience.


Herbal Baths of Red Dao Ethnic Community

Sapa's Red Dao ethnic community is well-known for the herbal baths they provide to visitors. Chops of chosen leaves and roots are foraged from the forest, dried, and cooked for hours over an open fire to create this dish. After being placed into tubs made of PMU wood or diluted with warm waters, the concentrated liquid is dumped out. In traditional Chinese medicine, the baths are given to mothers after delivery, and they may also be used to relieve discomfort in joint and muscle tissues.


Vietnamese Massage

Acupressure and reflexology are both used in Vietnamese massage therapy and are key parts of the treatment. In Vietnamese massages, whether it is performed on the head, feet or whole body, the therapists will apply force to certain areas of the body to calm and relax specific zones inside the body, as determined by the client. Vietnamese treatments are often performed with oil, and they frequently incorporate clapping or stretches to enhance the experience.


Body Scrub Using Coffee

The preparation of cà phê phin is not the only method in which Vietnamese people utilize coffee beans. The coffee grounds are used in body washes to enhance blood circulation, eliminate cellulite, and contour the skin's appearance. Antioxidants included in coffee beans are immediately absorbed into the skin during the scrub, aiding in the prevention of the process of ageing. Following exfoliating, the scrub is washed away, revealing skin that is smooth and supple once again.


Mud Baths

Mud baths are much more than just a fun way to get dirty. Not that they aren't enjoyable but spending time in warm and soft mud is much more likely to be a calm, contemplative experience for you. It is common for the mud to have minerals such as magnesium, zinc and sulfur.