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Delicious Thai Desserts you Must Try — Amazing Flavours to Enjoy

Thai cuisine is famous the world over, offering the perfect blend of flavours coupled with exotic spices and traditional ingredients, making dishes extra special. Thai desserts offer a unique experience and a chance to try flavours you would not normally associate with sweets.


The Ever-Popular Sticky Rice with Mango

Everyone loves this dessert, creamy rice served with lovely fresh mango slices and lashings of thick coconut milk make sticky rice with mango one of the most sought out desserts in Thailand. If you are enjoying a holiday in Thailand, then make sure you don't miss sampling this iconic dish in every city. A popular option when it comes to roadside food stalls sticky rice is served in all parts of the country.


The Lovely Sweet Crepes Thai Style

Sweet Thai crepes are not to be missed. This dessert will certainly hit the spot and make you crave it over and over. Sweet Thai crepes are a popular street food, and you can enjoy them on the go, as it is served at all street food stalls. The crepe is filled with rich meringue and topped with an egg white and sugar cream over which shredded egg yolk is added, of course, the entire preparation is given that special Thai touch and the proof is in the tasting. For more authentic dishes like this one, you will find that restaurants in Chiang Rai offer a very extensive menu of traditional dishes. Staying at Anantara Golden Triangle or other resorts in the pretty northern province will help you to enjoy the lures of traditional Thai customs and food.


Delicious Coconut and Rice Flour Dumplings

The rice flour and coconut dumplings are the perfect little bites for whenever you get sweet tooth cravings. The dumplings are cooked on hot grills and are available throughout the nation. You can enjoy the tiny finger food dessert plain or topped with fresh green onion and corn. Remember that in Thailand food is about balancing the five flavours, therefore blending savoury with sweet is common. Plus, the result from combining these flavours is quite mind-blowing too, so don't be afraid to experiment.


Banana Leaf with Sticky Rice

Plenty of thick coconut cream, sweet black beans and sticky rice packed inside a banana leaf is what you get when you order a banana leaf with sticky rice. The flavours are cocooned inside the banana leaf which makes the perfect container for enjoying this lovely dessert while on the move. Try these desserts at different stalls, because each vendor will have unique methods for turning out these lovely sweets, and it is nice to sample the different flavours.


The Traditional Thai Roti

Thai roti is sold at every street corner, the thrill of watching the roti being made is as good as biting into the sweet dough. The roti is fashioned out of sweet balls of dough and once cooked will be topped with a topping of your choice. Choose from Nutella, banana, honey, nuts, cream and just about any sweet that you fancy.