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Best Architectural Wonders of Abu Dhabi - Top 5!

Abu Dhabi, the wealthy capital of the UAE, has recently become a major architecture and design hub. You can see why with a breathtaking skyline full of world-record skyscrapers and unique structures that push the boundaries of architectural inventiveness.


The Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace, an 84-hectare resort that has its private beach and gorgeous harbour, is an authentic Disney castle delivering unparalleled luxury in the midst of Abu Dhabi. The resort comprises 2 hotel wings, a guest castle, and a stunning length of the beach. It debuted in March 2005 and cost $3 billion to construct, making it the 2nd most costly hotel ever.


Yas Viceroy

Yas Viceroy is the 1st hotel constructed atop an F1 racing track, constructed by Asymptote Architecture's Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture. Both the racing track and the Marina include 12-storey hotel buildings connected by a monocoque glass and steel bridge and an intriguing element termed the Grid Shell structure. This architectural and technical marvel also produces a dynamic look at night, wonderfully illuminating the Abu Dhabi skyline. If you would like to have similar sweeping views of the skyline from the comfort of your hotel room, then check out luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi the likes of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort.


Etihad Towers

Despite the fact that they seem to be identical from the exterior, the 5 towers are in fact rather different. 3 of the buildings are residential units, one is an office tower, while the other is the resort that was highlighted in an article on the "Best Bars in Abu Dhabi." Fourteen restaurants, 6500 square meters of foreign boutique stores, and an 1800 square meter ballroom with seating for 1000 to 1400 people make this place an Aladdin's cave of wonders.


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

An excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is set among a magnificent and beautifully maintained environment, is a must-do on any visit to Abu Dhabi. This mosque serves as the country's primary place of worship and is a place of great devotion and spirituality. This mosque, which serves as the ultimate resting place for the 1st president of the UAE, is an inspiring masterpiece of modern architecture, with a dome arrangement and floorplan that are influenced by the Badshahi Mosque as well as Mughal, Persian, and Moorish architectural influences. At the time of its development, more than 3,000 people and 38 contracting firms were employed in the project, and a large portion of the venue's interiors is built of natural materials such as marble, gold, crystal stone, and ceramics. This is among Islam's most treasured landmarks, and it is also the world's third-biggest mosque, with a capacity of 80,000 people.


Qasr Al Hosn

Even in a city filled with gravity-defying skyscrapers and avant-garde design, structures like Qasr Al Hosn remain an uncommon sight. Qasr Al Hosn, commonly known as the Old Fort or even the White Tower, is the earliest stone structure in Abu Dhabi, and it is situated along Sheikh Zayed Street, also regarded as the First Street of the capital. It is a topic of tremendous historical or archaeological significance in the region since it is among the few ancient structures in the area that has managed to maintain its connection to its Bedouin origins even as modernity has taken hold of the surrounding metropolis.