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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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5 Must-Try Water Sports in Kalutara – Exhilarating Adventures for All

Visitors to the charming town of Kalutara in Sri Lanka will have the chance to engage in several exciting water sports, like water-skiing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, banana boating and more, as described below.



Water-skiing will be a delightful water sport for the enthusiast, offering plentiful opportunities for thrills, excitement and satisfaction. It may not be the simplest of water sports to get the hang of, but after you have gained some experience, it will provide you with hours of rewarding fun. There can hardly be a finer locality for water-skiing than the coastal town of Kalutara which offers picturesque surroundings, a laidback ambience and pleasantly warm weather. If you happen to be a novice at this exciting water sport, you could slowly master it in the environs of a lagoon.



Windsurfing would be another globally recognized water sport that you could engage in at Kalutara. In the sport of windsurfing, sometimes described as a combination of surfing and sailing, the power of the wind is harnessed along with the motion of the waves beneath the windsurfer. Interestingly, mastering the basics will not be a very arduous task for the novice, although learning the more sophisticated techniques will take some time. Windsurfing will continuously offer more and more attractive techniques for the enthusiast to master; it is this attribute that will make windsurfing a water sport that you will never tire of.



For a genuinely invigorating and adrenaline-inducing water sport that you could enjoy at Kalutara, look no further than jet-skiing. This water sport will provide you with the opportunity to ride a powerful personal watercraft that has been designed for speed and agility. Although it will take some time to master, once you have acquired some skill in it, jet-skiing will be an exciting and satisfying activity that will provide you with countless hours of satisfaction. Soon you will be gathering speed and taking turns like one of the experts that you may have seen.


Banana boating

Meanwhile, banana boating would be a water activity that requires no sophisticated skills and can be enjoyed by the whole family. All that you would have to do would be to wear your lifejacket, get strapped onto the often banana-shaped inflatable and hold on. The captain of the motorboat in front of you will engage in unexpected turns and twists for the delight of the riders. As you engage in these fun things to do in Kalutara, an accommodation choice to consider that offers access to water sports like banana boating would be the 'Safe and Secure' certified Avani Kalutara Resort.


Stand-up paddleboarding

Another attractive water sport that you could engage in at Kalutara would be stand-up paddleboarding. It is regarded as a comparatively easy water sport to learn; soon you will be paddling through the waters skilfully. Additionally, this one-of-a-kind activity will provide you with a good workout that exercises many of the muscle groups in the body. Since this water sport will also be enjoyable, you are more likely to return to it than to other more demanding forms of exercise!