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Learning Python

The question is not just how to learn Python from scratch, but better yet : how to learn it from first principles !

Those steps apply to people :

  1. Who are curious about Programming but never intend to learn how to do it
  2. Who know nothing about Programming, but want to learn
  3. Who know a bit Python and want to grasp the fundamentals i.e. why the things are the way they are
  4. Who know some other language and want to add Python to the toolkit
  5. Who want to find a job or make programming a career

Before you start and after you finish you may have a common basic question about Python, for this check the FAQ


Understand programming

First you have to understand what programming is !

Programming is the process of translating human knowledge into instructions which can be executed on computer devices to solve a problem .....

In abstract way programming can be understood as writing a recipe. The problem is that to solve real life problems we would need to write a recipe thousands upon millions of lines long and nobody can follow so many instructions.

Understand Languages

Next you have to get an idea what type of languages there are and why there are so many ?


Python is an interpreted, high-level, procedural, object-oriented, dynamically typed, general-purpose programming language with some constructs borrowed from functional languages.
Python is very easy to learn even for beginners. It is also very good as a first language.


Learn Programming

In this step you will learn all the necessary concepts, which will help you understand any specific language.

This section is dedicated on helping you take the first baby steps in your journey toward learning to code. You will understand why the programming languages do the things they do the way they do it.


Understanding Python

This is where you will get an idea of the specifics of Python :

Python is one of the original triplet of the so called Scripting languages Perl, Python and Ruby. There is no specific definition of what Scripting language is, but loosely it is a language that is Interpreted, good at fast prototyping, dynamically typed.


Learn Python

And finally the grand finale, you are ready to learn Python :

In this free tutorial you will learn the basics of Python step by step but fast in just two long pages.

First lets do the canonical example, the Hello-world program.
We use the print() function to display information.


Interview questions

So you now know Python and want to take the next step find a job.

How much you can expect to earn :

and what are some questions you may be asked on interviews :

What is Python?
Python is general purpose, high level, interpreted, dynamically typed programming language.

..... more




Also check the FAQ where you will find answers on common questions asked about Python

Can I learn Python in 5 days?
Yes ! if we are talking about the basics and second if you know other language beforehand.



Now after you are familiar with Python hone your skills :

For example :

Call method by String or Reference
Sometimes you may need to call a method, but you don’t know which one in advance i.e. you want to postpone the decision to runtime.


What's next ...

Once you know Python the next step is probably to learn Cython.

Cython is compiled language that seamlessly integrates C with Python, plus more …

The nice thing about is that the learning curve is very gradual. You can start w/o even changing your Python code.
Simply compiling it may speed up your script.