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Things to Do in Nizwa - Places you can’t afford to miss out on!

Oman's Nizwa is a historic city atop a magnificent plain characterised by rivers and palm trees! If you are heading to Nizwa this vacation, here are a few of Nizwa's most popular tourist attractions.


Nizwa Fort

For those of you who are interested in culture, you'll find this place to be pretty fascinating. In addition to being one of the most frequented locations, it is also a very renowned monument and fort. There are numerous exhibitions to see inside the 17th-century edifice, which reveal the rich history and past of the building.


Jebel Akhdar

The majority of this mountain is composed of desert and limestone. However, it is also recognized as the Green Mountain because of the shrubs and trees that have begun to develop as a consequence of the 300 mm of rainfall the town receives on a yearly basis. This is among the most popular tourist destinations in this country, and it is particularly well-known for its orchards, walnut orchards, and date plantations. You will, without a certain, have a wonderful time out over here! If you're looking for a resort in Oman that's close to the mountain, consider resorts like Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, which is also known to have an authentic Oman restaurant.


Tanuf Ruins

This is a little village that lies in the middle of 2 large cities, known as the Bahla and the Nizwa, and is surrounded by mountains. The country's Imamate insurrection, which occurred in the 1950s, is responsible for the ruins that have accumulated here. The area is well-known for its ruins as well as for the brand of drinking water that is produced locally. With a quick visit, you can discover some fascinating things that would otherwise be overlooked.


Jabreen Castle

The battlements of this castle, which are also a well-preserved landmark, are well-known across the world. This fortress was built in 1675 by none other than the illustrious Imam Bil Arab Bin Sultan. At one point in history, this castle has been used as a centre of knowledge and learning for various disciplines of expertise, including Islamic law, medicine, and astrology. This magnificent castle is comprised of three storeys, vast halls, rooms, and 2 towers, all of which reflect the splendour of the time period in which it was built.


Nizwa Souq

A visit to certain classic local bazaars, particularly those that specialize in Arab craftsmanship, is impossible to refuse. This is where you may pick up souvenirs and presents to take back to your family and friends. This classic Arab market contains everything you've been seeking in terms of traditional merchandise. The opportunity to explore a diverse range of outstanding treasures should not be passed up.


Wadi Ghul

This canyon is located in the Hajr Mountains, which are known for their scenic hiking paths. You can lease a four-wheel-drive or walk to the train station. The panoramic mountain views and deep valleys are breathtaking.