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Updated by Bob Lodge on May 18, 2022
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Easy Magic Tricks Available Now

Here is a list of Magic tricks, suitable for beginners and young magicians, available within Australia. Free delivery and on-going free advice when required.
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Silk Through Cane - A Silk Passes Right Through A Walking Cane In Full View - Slow Motion

A silk hankerchief is wrapped around a walking cane and held with one corner in either hand. Without any awkward moves, the silk simply melts through the cane in an astonishing manner. This is repeated in slow motion to give the spectator an even chance of discovering the mystery.
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Compass Clock - Clock face Shows Any Time Selected by the Audience

A painted clock-face will display any chosen time that the spectators nominate.
Whether they choose 3:00 o'clock, 7:00 o'clock or any number between 1:00‚Äč and 12:00, the magician is able to show that time.
Every move is slow and deliberate, with no difficult movements required.
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All Together Now - A Destroyed Poster Eerily Becomes Magically Repaired

A giant card poster is seen to be in pieces.
The magician causes the pieces to magically restore into a full, undamaged poster with no visible damage whatsoever.
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The Vanishing Pencil - A Pencil Disappears And Is Replaced By Other Matter

A magician places a pencil into a metal tube, and seals it with a cap.
The tube is then held by a spectator while the magician makes a magic pass.
The spectator can then remove the cap and examine the contents.
Strangely, the pencil has vanished, and in its place is a trail of star-dust.
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Human Key Cutting

The magician has a key examined by the audience. He now introduces a key-blank which can also be examined. With just his finger, he traces the outline of the key onto the blank. The blank now has the same contours of the original key, both of which can be examined yet again.
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Card Through Banknote

The magician pushes a playing card through a banknote in full view, leaving no damage. This differs somewhat from the traditional method of using a sleeve or cover to enclose the note before perforation.
The note can be borrowed from the audience and returned intact.
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Displaced Atoms - Poker Chip Magic.

The magician causes a drinking straw to penetrate a solid poker chip.
The straw is then withdrawn, and both items are offered for examination.
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Restore Box - Magic with Cards

The magician tears up a chosen card, and retains one corner.
The pieces are placed in a small box and the magic word is uttered.
On opening the box, the card is seen to be restored, apart from the one corner that was retained in the audience member's possession.
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Chinese Nesting Boxes - Easy Magic

A coin is marked for future recognition, and rapidly disappears.
The magician produces a red Chinese pill-box.
Inside this pill-box is another, and another, and another.
When the last pill-box is opened, the marked coin is found inside.
All items can be minutely examined by the audience.
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Cards From Nowhere - Magic with Cards

A card box is opened out to show that it's completely empty.
It is now folded back into the shape of a pack of cards.
The magician makes a magic motion, and immediately pours a full deck of cards from the empty box.
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