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Cute Funny Animals Pictures & Interesting Facts

With an estimated 7.77 million species of animals on the planet, the animal kingdom is an undeniably diverse place. But while the breadth of earthly biodiversity may be well known, the incredible things our animal counterparts can do are often hidden to humans. From furry creatures you never realized kissed to those who enjoy getting tipsy, these amazing animal facts are sure to wow even the biggest animal lovers out there.

6 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The World

Cat owners love their kittens regardless of the cat breed they have. We’ll discuss the six most popular cat breeds.

Here Is a List of The Most Popular Dog Breeds In the World

Are you interested in buying a dog but don’t know about the most popular dog breeds? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place.

Check out These Freaky and Fascinating Frogs

There are more than 4000 frog species on the planet. So, here we’ll discuss the 10 most freaky and fascinating frogs.

What Is the Most Dangerous Animal in the World?

It’s not easy to name one animal because there are so many dangerous animals in the world. Therefore we have made the list of the 7 most

Meet Quokka: The Happiest Animal On Earth

Not everything in Australia is trying to kill you. Quokka is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. It lives only on some smaller

Who Needs Gucci When This Chicken Bag Exists?!

Did you ever want a Chicken Bag?  Well, guess what,  It's a thing!  Scroll down to see the happy owners who already have this.

Bored During Quarantine? Why Not Make Tiny Crochet Couches For Cats

While most people turn to Netflix during the lockdown, others unleash their creativity. Look at some of these tiny crochet couches for cats!

These are the cutest baby foxes you have ever seen

30+ of the cutest baby fox pictures and fun facts. Whether it's raining or sunny, it's sure to make any day better - wherever you are.

Hachiko The Heartbreaking Story of This Loyal Dog Breed

Hachikō is known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō. 'Hachiko' tells the story of a dog who made a special bond with his owner.

Here's what an animal would look like if it didn't have a neck

Animals Without Necks - The Results Are Hilarious. Could you imagine how animals might look if their necks were removed?

Albino Peacock Dazzle With Their Spectacular Feathers

The white pigment on peacock feathers is a result of a mutation called leucism. Albino Peacocks are spectacular to observe

The Funniest Dogs In Wigs That Will Brighten Your Day

Dogs Wearing Wigs Are Absolutely Hilarious. As much as we like dogs, we also like to tease them. We enjoy seeing their confused faces.

Sad Pug Wearing Hilarious Crocheted Hats

The brilliant pug hat fashion collection featured below has been created by Etsy user Sweethoots and her pug Pickles who is an adorable model

Funny Photos Of Cats In Small Shops Looking Like They Own It

Cats sleep about 15 hours a day, and yes, they like a nice snack but that doesn't mean they're sponges.  Here are 15 Photos of cats owin

Snakes With Hats - Because Pet Owners Get Bored Apparently

cutest photos of snakes wearing wizard hats, top hats, caps, beanies, cowboy hats, bonnets, fedoras, and everything in between.

Meet The Great Potoos - The Funniest Looking Bird

A strange bird found in Venezuela is called a Potoo, and it has the cutest face you've ever seen. Potoos Bird - you've probably never heard

The life he lived: Photos of the last male northern white rhino

Recognizing Sudan, What the sad loss of the last male northern white rhino means for all of Africa’s rhinos.

Teacup Pig Facts - Do They Make Good Pets?

They're also known as a teacup or Juliana pigs, and they aren't just found on farms anymore, but in homes, too.

The Popularity Of Chicken Diapers is Growing - Look At These Cute Pics

Have you ever imagined yourself putting a diaper on a chicken? A few years ago, chicken diapers may have seemed

A Fluffy Mini Cow Makes an Awesome Pet!

Fluffy Cows, Cute Cows, Highland Cattle. There is no domestic animal more instantly recognizable around the world than the Highland

The Amazingly Long Snout Dog - Meet Eris

Eris The Long Snout Dog Is Soo Cute, Just Look At These Pictures. Unique characteristics make everything so amazing.

Have You Ever Seen The Teeth Of A Sheepshead Fish - You'll Be Terrified

Belonging to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States, the sheepshead is a special fish that’s taken the internet by storm, Why?