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Updated by Joanna James on May 14, 2022
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5 Amazing Apartment Living Room Ideas- Keeping it Simple and Inspired

In a limited condo space, creative personalisation requires both innovation and practicality to maximise every nook and cranny without clash or clutter. Here are some simple and fun ideas to transform your living space into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece.


Remember: "Less is More."

Regardless of your budget, square feet, and layout, there are plenty of ways to add style and comfort value to your compact living abode without splurging or cramping up the space. But first, your design philosophy must be "minimalist sophistication", angling towards clean lines, an open floor plan, as well as soothing colours and textures brought out by ample natural lighting. Now, this does not mean that you shouldn't invest in some stellar statement pieces that add that oomph to the whole set-up, whether that's a customised mid-century modern chandelier or a velvet ottoman that feels like floating on a cloud. However, for these bougie fittings to stand out, the rest of the space must provide a harmonised, unobtrusive backdrop.


A Multi-purpose Vision

You want every inch of your home to serve a special purpose, and each nook can be enjoyed on multiple levels if you work towards this vision. For instance, cordon off a portion of your living room with an invitingly sectional sofa, so you can use it as a study or nursery for the kids. You can also invest in an aesthetic coffee table with plenty of storage space underneath to stow away your knickknacks, and scatter about handwoven baskets for odds and ends that blend in with the décor. If you're looking for sophisticated Colombo apartments proffering avant-garde amenities for productive indulgence, venture no further than Cinnamon Life.


Stick with neutral tones

If you're aiming for the aura of airy elegance, it's best to avoid loud and garish colours and opt for a medley of eggshell whites, earthy, and pastel hues relived by vivid greenery and strategically placed art. Not only do pale tones create an atmosphere of peace and grace, but they also allow for versatile upgrades to your décor and provide a complementary background for more vibrant prints and patterns.


Get Bold with Accessories

While a subtle colour palette is the best way to emphasise an atmosphere of luxurious spaciousness, your favourite vivid accents such as turquoise blue, emerald green, or fuchsia can be sneaked in through accessories such as couch cushions, kitchen serviettes, table mats, and bedspreads. It also doesn't hurt to implement plenty of richly metallic hardware colours, such as brass, gold, or bronze fixtures to enrich the pale and formal backdrop. Layering is another trick for creating the illusion of roominess, whether that's opting for low-slung settees and low-hanging pendant lamps or opting for customised light sconces and hanging potted plants rather than bulky standing lamps and vases.


Open Shelves and Gleaming Surfaces

If you want your ceiling to look loftier and rooms to seem more elongated, a superb hack is to install floating wooden shelves, which can double as aesthetic bookshelves and office desks, as well as hang up massive and stylish mirrors to create a whimsical mirage of ampleness.

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