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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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How to Pack for a Beach Vacation in Krabi - The must-haves in your beach bag!

Nestled on Southern Thailand’s west coast, Krabi is a province that’s known for its limestone cliffs and lush mangrove forests. Packing for a beach holiday in Krabi might sound simple and exciting, but sometimes the most important items can slip your mind. Check out the list below to ensure your beach holiday goes smoothly as possible.



In terms of clothes, items like bathing suits will of course be standard. However, don’t forget to pack a few extras as well as a nice cover-up, like a beach sarong. Bring along a few extra suits, these will be useful while the wet ones are drying off if they need washing. Pack two or three pairs of comfortable shorts, in light material such as cotton or soft denim. These will be nice for a quick stroll or jog on the beach or for wading. Bring along two or three cotton t-shirts, shirts or tank tops. These should nicely match the shorts. Thailand and the islands are hot and humid for the better part of the year, so pack comfortable, light-coloured clothing. A few flowery or cotton dresses will also be nice for the evenings when you want to visit a nice beachside restaurant or a party.



A pair of flip flops will do for the beach nicely. Add an extra one in case one gets wet or caked with sand. A comfortable pair of sandals for evenings and a pair of sneakers or converse if you hope to do some trekking while in Krabi. It will also come in handy if you will be doing some hiking on cliffs and boulders around the beach. However, you may need some sturdy shoes to protect the feet from heated stones and jagged edges in that case. A pair of nice evening footwear when going out for a nice dinner or a party.


Sun protection

A nice big beach hat, sunglasses and plenty of waterproof sunscreens are a must. It is even better if you can ensure the sunscreens are environmentally friendly as well, as most of your time will be spent on the sea.


Beach accessories

A big beach towel for when you want to relax in the sun or just read a book.

Take extra towels with you, especially if you have a big group with you and a big blanket or cloth will be nice to have a picnic. Floating devices will be fun and a safe companion, especially if children are with you. Inflatable floating toys will fit nicely into your luggage, without taking up too much space. Also, if there are kids pack their favourite beach toys such as frisbees to keep them entertained.


Snorkelling/diving gear

You can bring your own to cut down on costs or if you are heading to a beach with great snorkelling, get some gear for rent. Your place of accommodation might be able to let you hire them for the day as well. If not, some establishments near the beaches have their own gear for rent and provide lessons as well.


Water bottle and snacks

Frolicking and swimming can make people very thirsty and hungry. So, pack some healthy and yummy snacks and take sufficient water with you. If you have packing cubes, these will be perfect to carry with you to the beach. Of course, beachside restaurants and cafes are abundant in Krabi but keep some snacks nearby just in case.


Wet bags

Bring along a laundry bag to pack in all your wet clothes. The last thing you want is water and sand to engulf your beach bag! If travelling to Ao Nang, hotels such as the likes of Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort are available.