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Updated by Jason Yin on May 10, 2022
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10 Bad "Renovation Decisions"

In this issue of the home furnishing topic, I will share with you 10 regrettable "decoration decisions". If you are renovating for the first time, you must take a closer look. After all, there are many decoration designs, and you will only find them after you move in. 's tasteless.


Tri-color light

When installing indoor lamps, whether it is an offline lighting city or an online e-commerce platform, there are sales to introduce you to a "three-color lamp". For many owners, they are really curious at first glance, and they think that there are 3 colors of lights that can definitely meet different lighting needs. However, after moving in, you will find that the extra light sources are decorations.


2. Grille background wall

For the decoration of the TV background wall in the living room, the designers of many people's decoration companies will give a "slate + grille" plan. Whether it is on the renderings or the actual decoration case, I have to say that this design is indeed relatively high-end. But after checking in, you will find that it is also very tasteless at the same time.


3. Countertop Basin

A considerable number of people choose to install the basin in the kitchen in the form of an over-counter basin. Whether it is for the decoration master or in terms of stability, the countertop basin is the easiest and most sturdy installation method. But when it's in use, it's not so good.


4. Soft bed head

The bedside has a soft bag material, which is also an IQ tax to be honest. Because whether it is leather or flannel, dust will accumulate. Especially for soft bags made of fabrics, dust will fall in the small pores. Unless the soft bags are removed, the dust removal will definitely not be complete.


5. Slate bathroom basin

I really want to say, stop following the material of slate. Slate TV wall, slate dining table, slate bathroom basin...especially slate bathroom basin, even if it is high-end atmosphere, it is too easy to hide dirt.


6. The living room balcony is opened

Nowadays, more and more people like to connect the living room with the balcony. However, for users in the north, abandoning the sliding door of the balcony seems to have more disadvantages than advantages.


7. Niches

As a way to enhance the bathroom design, many designers will suggest that the owner make an alcove. However, when only considering the beauty and atmosphere, few people will notice its tasteless.


8. Hidden lamp ceiling

The ceiling of the living room, in my opinion, the simpler the better. If central air conditioning and fresh air systems are installed, a simple surrounding ceiling is actually sufficient. If these two devices are not installed, it is recommended to choose the most minimalist double eyelid ceiling. Or other uncomplicated ceilings. But try to avoid "hidden lamp ceiling".


9. Small tile

When decorating, remember one thing, don’t blindly follow the fashion of some Internet celebrities, most of the Internet celebrity decorations are more gimmicks than practical. For example, small white bricks and small flower bricks are typical examples.


10. Murphy bed

The Murphy bed is known as the "invisible bed". To call it an IQ tax is really not bad at all. After checking in, you will find that the invisible bed will eventually be placed on the ground securely and used as an "ordinary bed". Owners who have installed a Murphy bed have little chance of getting it "upright".