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Blogs about productivity motivation and focus

3 Most common myths about being productive – Planndu Blog

Many people think productivity is being busy, working more hours, or working harder physically,
but that’s not true. It’s not about having a never-ending to-do list to fill up your time.
Being productive is working smarter to get more of your goals achieved in a shorter time while achieving your highest priorities.

The Ultimate Checklist to organize your day – Planndu Blog

Whether it’s a to-do list or just a sticky note, they are all simple yet very effective tools to accomplish your goals and make long-lasting habits.
The point of a checklist is to make life easier, not further complicate it, so try a few options to see which tip of list-making helps you stay organized. Here are great ways to organize your checklist:

The Best Techniques to Increase Your Productivity in 2022 – Planndu Blog

In a world where we get more notifications than ever before, it’s common to be constantly distracted. That is why we often require a structure and the right tools.

Unlock the New “Focus Timer” in Planndu – Planndu Blog

Planndu has recently created a new feature called “Focus Timer”, It’s based on the Pomodoro technique and has options to further customize it specifically for you.

How Sounds Make You More Productive and Focused – Planndu Blog

Have you ever thought about why you find the sound of birds relaxing or why some people listen to brown noise sounds to help them concentrate and study? this blog is for you.

Follow These Steps to Reach Any Goal – Planndu Blog

When you live a modern life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and all the stress-inducing tasks we must do.

The Simple Way of Creating Long-Lasting Habits – Planndu Blog

Our habits shape who we are, except forming them is not always so easy. A habit only becomes permanent when it becomes automatic.

How to Stay Effective While Working From Home – Planndu Blog

Since remote working has become a thing, the working opportunities have increased drastically too. But with new opportunities comes new challenges..

How to Make The Perfect Daily Schedule – Planndu Blog

A daily schedule is an easy and effective way to manage your time. It can give you a sense of structure, improves focus, and increase your productivity.

How to Learn Anything in No Time Using The Feynman Technique – Planndu Blog

The Feynman Technique is a method of learning that helps you learn new concepts quickly by explaining them in a simple language.

How to Color Code Your Tasks in Planndu and Stay Organized – Planndu Blog

Color coding is a great way to prioritize and understand your schedule in a single quick look.

Top 10 Productivity Studies That Will Surprise You – Planndu Blog

Productivity has always been a significant problem in the constantly changing world. Sometimes, we need a little push in the right direction to get started.