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My Top 100+ Web Development Articles

Having a website/web application is the sure-shot way of getting all the attention in the market flooded with “me too” competitors.

Top 7 eCommerce Trends That will Improve Conversions and Sales in 2023

A big trend in eCommerce design is personalized, relevant, and seamless. In this post, we explore the 7 most prominent eCommerce design trends.

Will These 3 Features of v10 Kill Laravel? 😧

Here's a look at what Laravel 10 has in store. Discover everything about Laravel 10's latest release, new features, changes, and upgrading instructions.

Make Your Business Smarter in 2023 with Cloud-Based Document Management System

Get to know everything about Cloud-Based Document Management System and take a look at how it could help you make your business more smarter.

How will AI and Machine Learning in Software Development Change the World?

This post is meant to educate you about the benefits and use cases of AI and ML in Software Development to prepare you for Digital Transformation.

Angular Vs Vue Vs React: What is Best for PWA Development? [2023]

React vs Vue vs Angular: These are some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in use today. In this post discover which one is better for your business.

A Comprehensive Guide: .NET Core Vs .NET Framework Vs ASP.NET

This post explains the complete differences between Microsoft .NET Core vs .NET Framework vs ASP.NET based on historical and current trends.

Upgrade To NextJS 13: 700x Extremely Faster Than Webpack 🚀 | by Kane Jason | Nov, 2022 | Medium

Next.js is an open-source web development framework created by Vercel enabling React-based web applications with server-side rendering and generating static websites. Recently, Vercel announced the…

Next.JS version 13: Latest Features and Upgrade Guide

Recently, Vercel announced the newer version Next.js 13 (stable) on October 25th, 2022 which make it lays the foundations to be dynamic without limits. 🚀

Reasons to Hire a Dedicated .Net Development Team and Make it Work

In this post, we have covered every important aspect of when should you have to hire dedicated .NET developers that makes your project successful.

What platform should you build your App on first? iOS or Android | by Kane Jason | Nov, 2022 | Medium

Nearly half (48%) of small businesses have an app in 2022, compared to one-third (32%) in 2021, possibly because consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. Most small…

Android Vs iOS Development: Which Platform to Focus on First?

Are you thinking about developing your first app? Android vs iOS development: Consider these factors before choosing a platform for your business.

5 Major UX Design Mistakes To Avoid Before Users Uninstall Your App 😲 | by Kane Jason | Nov, 2022 | Medium

More than half of all users who uninstall your app will do so within the first four to five days — the typical onboarding period. The primary mobile navigation menu of the app can be accessed via the…

5 Common Mobile App Navigation Design Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2023

Poor UX is the top reason why users abandon your app. Your mobile app navigation should avoid these 5 major UX design mistakes.

12 Hottest Web Design Trends to Inspire You in 2023, According to Experts

Ace Infoway is part of our secret weapon. I constantly attribute part of our success to our relationship with them... - Duncan Bell Columbia Books & Information Services

Top 10 Killer Upcoming Web Design Trends to Inspire You in 2023

A comprehensive list of 10 upcoming killer web design trends for 2023 with tips and real-life examples that will help you make your website future-proof.

How is the Development of SaaS Related to Cloud Computing for Smart Businesses?

In fact, SaaS and Cloud Computing are so closely related that they are often used interchangeably. Here's an overview of how both relate to each other.

How Successful Companies Make the Most of Their Software Project Management?

To develop a great product, you need a precise plan. 67% of projects fail and coequally waste 11.4% of organizational resources, as a consequence of undervaluing project management.

Here are proven 7 methods and tools used by successful companies to manage their software projects.

Svelte Vs React - Which is Better for Web Development? [2023]

Svelte vs React: React is the most popular framework, and Svelte gonna be a hit. Let's in-depth compare the two in this post for modern web development.

What Could Go Wrong? Avoid These 7 Mistakes Before Outsourcing Web Development

There are many benefits to outsourcing, even big companies do it. Avoid these 7 big mistakes before outsourcing Web development to prevent loss.

What's New in .NET 7? New Features and Enhancements you need to know!

Curious to know what is new in .NET 7? New Features, Enhancements, and much more. Here we have explained each feature in detail with coding examples.

Software Development 2022: 7 Best Practices to Build Your Own Team (BYOT) Remotely

7 Best practices to build your own remote team (BYOT) for Software Development in 2022. Here is how to manage your remote team to increase productivity.

10 Essential Database Security Best Practices for Businesses - TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, said this very popular quote about how important data is. The quote that was said years ago is becoming more and more relevant as the years pass. According to Forbes, In 93% of cases, an external attacker can breach an organization’s network perimeter and gain access to local network resources. Today, almost everything we do is powered by data. From our basic needs, education, medical needs, to advanced research and discoveries.

Top 7 Most Suitable AngularJS Frameworks for Building Modern Web Applications

This post will lead you to 7 most suitable AngularJS Frameworks in the market and help you to choose the right fit for your next Web App Development.

ASP.NET Core: What Is It and Top 5 Advantages of .NET Core

We wIll learn in this article about What is ASP.NET Core and Advantages of using ASP.NET Core? Here are the Top 5 Advantages of .NET Core.

Is Headless CMS Really a Good Choice Over a Traditional CMS?

Learn about Headless CMS and how it will differ from Traditional one. This article will tend you to a detailed comparison of Headless vs Traditional CMS.