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Headline for Sustainable & Responsible Travel in the Maldives - How to Explore the Maldives as a Sustainability Conscious Holidaymake
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Sustainable & Responsible Travel in the Maldives - How to Explore the Maldives as a Sustainability Conscious Holidaymake

As one of the last remaining paradises on earth, the Maldives is an archipelago full of wonder. Here are some practical ways tourists can minimize their carbon footprint during a vacation in this breathtaking beach capital.


Conserving Energy

One of the easiest and most effective ways to be a responsible traveller during a getaway in the Maldives is to conserve energy whenever possible. As a resource that is not unlimited, freshwater, electricity and other benefits should not be taken for granted just because you're on vacation. Remember to switch off fans, air-conditioning and light switches when you are stepping outside the guestroom and be conscious of how much water is expended during showers and baths. Do not leave devices such as your phone, laptop or tablet charging overnight as it can damage the devices and consume too much energy senselessly.


Being Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally sound practices should also be a part of a holiday in the Maldives as the amount of waste one creates can be greatly reduced by being conscious of various choices. Being mindful about the number of napkins, disposable cups and plastic materials you use during your stay is one way to be environmentally friendly on holiday.


Respecting Local Culture

As an Islamic nation, there are certain cultural faux pas travellers should avoid during a getaway in the beach capital. The consumption of alcohol and pork is prohibited in the Maldives and bringing alcohol or products with pork is an offence all travellers should steer clear of. Public displays of affection are also frowned upon in Maldivian culture while dressing conservatively when visiting public landmarks and attractions in Male is also a must.


Responsible Marine Life Watching

With dolphin and whale watching tours, as well as scuba diving, ranked among the best things to do during a Maldivian holiday, it is important to tourists to safeguard the biodiversity of the ocean and its inhabitants. Scuba divers should refrain from touching corals and other marine life during wreck dives and other deep-sea explorations while littering the pristine underwater environment should also be avoided at all costs.


Learning Local Phrases

Another way to be a conscious traveller in the Maldives is to step outside of one's comfort zone and learn more about the local culture. Picking up a few phrases in Dhivehi will go a long way to endear one to the local populace.


Choose Eco-Friendly Resorts

Whether it's the Reethi Faru Resort or any similar venue, staying at an eco-resort in Maldives can support the country's efforts at conservation. Eco-friendly resorts follow very specific procedures when it comes to waste management and everyday practices so that the environment is not negatively affected due to tourism.


Buy Local

Supporting local businesses is another way tourists can contribute to the local economy and communities during a stay in the Maldives. Wining and dining at local restaurants as opposed to global food chains and purchasing locally made handicrafts can uplift the local community more than one realizes.