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Ten Reasons to not get Tattooed

Here is a list of ten reasons to not get tattooed and the alternatives - Patterned tights and tattoo tights.

Patterned Tights


A tattoo is created with a hand-held device which acts quite like a sewing machine rapidly puncturing your skin using a needle & inserting tiny drops of dye. This procedure is completed without having anaesthetics and could cause minor to serious pain.




A typical tattooist may charge anything from £50 up to £100 each hour with complex tattoos requiring a number of visits of several hours each. In comparison a pair of tattoo tights may cost approximately £10.

Tattoo Tights UK


A tattoo is a permanent mark and design on your skin and thus this is not easy to alter or get rid of. Imagine an ex’s name or the incorrect meaning of a symbol forever branded on you.


Health Complications and Infections

Health Complications and Infections

A skin infection is understandably the most well known health issue that could arise from being tattooed but you may also encounter allergic reactions to coloured inks or become infected with a blood borne disease. Diabetes & circulation problems may also cause a tattoo to not heal correctly.




Though you may possibly consider a tattoo a piece of artwork your boss might not. You might wear trousers and long sleeved jumpers at a job interview but this might then turn out to be a work fashion commitment for life.




Under the Tattooing of Minors Act of 1969 it's a criminal act to tattoo anybody under the age of eighteen in the UK. In the USA there is no federal law saying a required age but in the majority states it's required that the person being tattooed is a adult over 18 years of age.


Not Sober

Not Sober

Not being sober might lead you into making a poor and rash decision to get tattooed and may also effect your judgement in both design and placement.




A pair of tattoo tights survive or might be renewed but a skin tattoo will fade loosing at first the fine points proceeded by bolder lines. Age, skin type, sizing, exposure to sunlight and the type of ink will all effect how quickly a design fades but fading is inevitable, typically within 15 years.




Nearly twenty % of those that get a tattoo later regret them. Removing via laser therapies can help breakdown the black inks in order that they naturally fade and leave the body but soft colours which include yellows and greens are more tricky to remove. A regular laser session may cost £50 to £200 with the majority of tattoos needing about eight to ten sessions. The sessions can be painful and require anaesthetic.




A tattoo cannot change its design and colour but you may with tattoo tights. For the price of one particular tattoo you might acquire 5 to 10 pairs of tights and transform your look for any social gathering or express the emotions you feel.

Tattoo Tights

A pair of nude or natural tights with a colourful tattoo style image will look just as good as a real ink design. Try Leg Avenue Hearts and Anchor Tattoo Tights for a more natural way to add colour to your legs.

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