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Elance Clone Script

Build your own website similar to by using agriya's product which one is named getlancer.

Freelancer Clone and elance clone

Getlancer is the best product of agriya in the marketing trends. You can easily create a website like elance, freelance, etc by using this product.

Elance Clone Script

Elance Clone feature details | Free demo link

Elance Clone script

Start your own elance website by using clone script

Important features of freelancer clone S...

Important features of freelancer clone Script An freelancer clone can assist you to build a freelancer website in short span of time. A good freelancer clone has the best features from freelancers and Odesk as well. It should have all the necessary features to run a real time freelancer clone website.

Why Mike choose Agriya's Getlancer?

Mike, a promising entrepreneur, shares his experience of finding Getlancer for his new venture. He talks about the assistance he got from an Agriya's representative. Getlancer is a powerful quad-core freelancer clone script which has the best features picked from major freelancing websites like oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and Guru.

Elance clone - Agriya's Getlancer

Getlancer is designed as a platform on which you can create your own freelancer marketplace. Your project creators need a simple and easy way to post their p...

PHP Website Development

Be it a startup website or complex enterprise application, PHP is the web programming language widely facilitated for the purpose. Biztech Consultancy is one of the pioneer, delivering cost-effective and reliable PHP development solutions to its worldwide clients, seeking dynamic web solutions.

PHP Clone Scripts, Website Clones, Agriya products: How to easily earn excess money by using Agriya's Freelance clone...

Agriya introduced the freelance clone script with numerous revenue making options which help the entrepreneurs like you to run a profitable online business effortlessly. This script also furnished with numerous eminent features like exclusive escrow system, dispute management system, enhanced admin dashboard, project milestone, multiple payment gateways and many more options which assists you to efficiently operate the website in the digital world.

Agriya's upgraded version v2.0b6 of Getlancer

Agriya has launched the upgraded version v2.0b6 of Getlancer to gratify its global clients. All the issues have been resolved in the upgraded version of Getlancer and it enhances the overall performance. - Elance clone

Freelancer Clone: Benefits of freelancer clone

In these days, there are a huge demand and needs of freelancing work in a digital world. So many entrepreneurs are looking out for the best clone scripts to enter into the freelancing industry. The freelancer clone script allows you to create a remarkable freelancing website within a short span of time.

6 most crucial elements that decide the success of a freelance platform

There is a growing economy and demand for the freelancing platforms. As the independent workforce is poised to grow much bigger in the days to come, are you, as an entrepreneur, ready to seize the opportunity by launching a freelancing website, or online staffing marketplace? Then create a freelance platform . However there are some important factors that decide the success of freelancing site.

How the rise in freelance economy is creating demand for new freelance platforms?

The option of freelancing has only grown with the advent of innovation in the technologies. A number of regular full-time employees are shifting to freelancing owning to the flexible schedule it offers, the freedom to work from home, to escape commutation woes, etc. Due to the rising economy for freelance, there is more demand for new freelancing websites.

6 important things you should consider to grow your freelancer portfolio platform

In this age of online everything, many professionals are interested in hiring talented and creative freelancers to take up their jobs rapidly. So freelancer portfolio platform is an absolute necessity for freelancer to be successful in today's freelance job market.

Android app: An easy method to flourish well in the freelancing bidding business

The business environment is competitive these days and is driven strongly by the advanced app technology. As it reaches the peak, business like freelancing has taken the app trend to reach out every nook and cranny of the world with ease.

5 important steps you should follow to create your freelancer website

In today's world of online business competition, freelancing industry has gained more popularity in a digital world. The freelancing platform brings a good relationship between project owners & freelancers effectively under a single roof and satisfies their requirements and needs.

Elance clone

Launch a freelance bidding app to Android users using Getlancer Bidding

Having an intention and ambition of launching a freelance jobs app for the Android users? Then, with all the honed entrepreneurial skills, which you possess, you get to choose a right app script for it. The one app script, which will best suit all your business needs is the Agriya's Getlancer Bidding, which is a freelancer clone. The app script, developed specially for Android Operating System, will help you to open up a freelance jobs website for those using Android as their OS.

Freelancing business model - Detailing the increasing demand

Here, let us look at the trends in the freelancing industry, taking Australia and United states as case studies. Also, we shall deal with how freelancing can become an ideal business model for startups and entrepreneurs, who can launch a freelancing website.

Why are creative industries shifting to freelance workflow?

Take the case of industries that are in need of workers in the areas of motion graphic designing, writing, journalism, photography, etc. They are now more inclined to hiring freelancers for these roles. This new trend and demand for freelancers stems from the advantages that employers feel they obtain. The freelancers who work for creative industries have a strong commitment for delivering good performance. This way, they believe, helps them to create a personal brand.

How to make most of the rising freelance market in tech industry?

Right away, tech industry has dominated the workforce in digital world. Freelancing platform has become a huge market opportunity in the IT sector and satisfies the needs of the business adopted with digital technologies to streamline operations in a seamless way. Topical survey states that freelancing work has created a massive impact in the tech industry.

How to create a website like Behance?

Long gone are the days, where the designers and companies are in search of suitable destined partners to complete their works effectively. Now, Behance, the portfolio based freelance website has given the best solution to everyone. Making an equivalent website to that of Behance is a daunting challenge for today's entrepreneurs.

Creating a freelance job listing website: A step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs

Right away, everlasting and emerging digital nomad lifestyle has been growing in popularity around the globe.Anyhow, freelancing industry demands a consistent balance between learning new skills and building expertise in a specific area of focus, also at the same time developing opportunities for your freelancing business to grow.

New age of freelancing: It's trending growth in 5 exclusive business areas

Freelancing is the new age career of accepting and completing the projects and jobs at one's own risk. It has the fascinating aspects and unimaginable job opportunities for every talented person across the world. This evergreen freelancing business has seen the finest growth in numerous business verticals.These everlasting business areas are started flourishing in the field of freelancing.

How to create a freelance bidding website?

Without question, you might have heard about websites like Elance, or Freelancer. These are websites created with support of powerful codes that make bidding an easy activity.

An extensive view regarding the future of freelance job listing platforms

The working environment is kept on turning with the enhancement of technology and with the minds of today’s working generation. The digital marketplace is becoming the latest trend in this highly competitive business atmosphere. Along the same lines, the freelancing job listing is the ubiquitous platform that helps the troop of talents from various professions and the employers to achieve what they desire in just a short duration.