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Headline for Top 5 Least Visited Attractions in Northeast Thailand – The hidden gems of Northeast Thailand
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Top 5 Least Visited Attractions in Northeast Thailand – The hidden gems of Northeast Thailand

The North-eastern part of Thailand is a hidden gem in the country. Most people who visit Thailand don't add it to their itinerary since they don't know about the beauty and cultural value it has to offer. Here are a few of the least known attractions in Northeast Thailand.


Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

This is situated in the unique site called Udon Thani. There are charming shrines that are kept within boulders and smaller spaces. Devotees are allowed to offer their prayers and devotion to these shrines. There are also several sections in the park where ancient rock art can be seen. Some areas have been marked as being scared by the Mon people who resided in the area centuries ago. Another small cave tower can be seen on the site, which is believed to have been the prison of a princess. Phu Phra Bat Park can be an excellent unique location to visit during your visit to the Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre.


Red Lotus Sea

The Red Lotus Sea is a nickname that is given to the Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake. It is a beautiful water body that is filled with pink lilies giving it a charming and beautiful view. During January and February, the whole lake is covered with lilies giving in the view of a bright red sea. It is an excellent place for taking pictures for visitors who arrive at Khon Kaen Hotels Thailand.


Sala Keoku

This is a sculpture park situated in Nong Khai. It is one of the least known attractions in the country. The founder of the park has taken traditional and cultural art and given them his twist to create whimsical sculptures. You will find sculptures inspired by Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Animist beliefs. There is also a large temple-like structure within the park, which is believed to hold the remains of the creator. It is a fantastic place for art lovers to visit as well as history enthusiasts.


Sam Phan Bok

This is a unique geomorphic wonder situated in the Ubon Ratchathani Province in Thailand. The main feature of the area is the many holes that can be seen on the riverbed. These holes have been created as a result of flowing water. The riverbed also has towering cliffs, which give it an added element of surprise. It is best to visit Sam Phan Bok during the dry season to see the true majesty of it. When water levels are high, the visibility of the holes and cliffs is quite minimal.


Pha Taem National Park

This is a place that brings together the best of history and nature. It is unique for being the first place that sees the sunrise in the whole country. Several viewpoints give beautiful scenery of the forests around it. There is a special rock formation within the park that consists of stones that look like mammoth mushrooms. There are several areas dotted with wildflowers, which make it extra beautiful.