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Top 12 Things To Do In Mirissa – Delight yourselves in uncovering hidden treasures!

Lying on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa has emerged as a popular city for visitors not only due to the exquisite beaches and spectacular marine life but also for the other unique attractions and the amazing food. Please read on to discover the outstanding ones.


Enjoy the mouthwatering seafood

Visiting a coastal city is not complete without savouring the many authentic seafood preparations that are turned out to perfection at many hotels, cafes and restaurants. Accompanying the delicious food are many beverages and cocktails at amazing prices. Savour these at the closest Mirissa restaurant.


An exotic view on Coconut Tree Hill

This small hill dotted with coconut palms is a short drive from the main area of Mirissa beach. Facing the endlessly beautiful Indian Ocean, this hill provides visitors with a picturesque photo opportunity, if you arrive around evening you would be able to watch the glorious sight of the setting sun.


Enjoy the view from the Dondra Light House

Dondra is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka and is home to the tallest lighthouse on the island at 160 feet. A mere 40-minute ride from Mirissa, this iconic lighthouse with 7 floors and a 196 step climb offers a spectacular view from the top. Prior permission is required to go up to the top, the environs of the lighthouse is an ideal spot for a photoshoot as tried by visitors from Ubuntu Beach Villas.


The unusual snake farm

This snake farm in Tellijjawila just a 25-minute drive from Mirissa is worth a visit for those interested in snakes. A sanctuary managed by a third-generation indigenous Ayurvedic doctor has both venomous and non-venomous snakes, one can even handle a non-venomous snake here.


Become mobile in Mirissa

Being a fairly large city, enjoying all the attractions you have planned to cover can be a challenge in arranging the mode of transport and the cost. On the days you need to move about planning to rent a scooter or a tuk-tuk is easy on the wallet and saves time.


Learn about the stilt fishermen

This different way of fishing is mostly done by those fisherfolk who don't have the means for sophisticated fishing gear. Sitting high on a stick that is tied to a narrow long pole driven to the sea bed, the clusters of stilt fishermen toil hard to find their catch to be transferred to plastic bags tied to their waist thus earning their living for the day.


Visit the incredible Turtle Beach at Polhena

A quick tuk-tuk ride from Mirissa, this scenic beach being cocooned by a reef is providing a fine haven for about 15 turtles giving its name to Polhena Beach. Snorkel or swim at this beach for profound close encounters with these adorable creatures.


A treat for surf lovers

The exquisite beach at Mirissa provides great waves for intermediate surfers. Use your own or rent the surfboard and ride the waves to fill your heart with excitement as the waves at Mirissa don't get battered by onshore winds.


Music and excitement at The Doctor's House

Visit the 200-year-old dutch Ayurvedic Hospital now turned into a popular venue for music, excitement, the coolest of beverages and a delight to food lovers who gather to relax, revel and rendezvous.


Amazing whale watching

Mirissa is known as one of the best cities to do whale watching where you would be fortunate to view Blue whales, sperm whales, Fin whales and Bryde's whales etc in their habitat.


Cross to the Parrot Rock

This tiny tidal island close to the coastline at Mirissa must be crossed at low tide. How the name of Parrot rock came about remains a mystery although the locals refer to it being in the shape of a parrot head a long time ago. Try doing this crossing at daybreak or at sunset to witness the captivating sights of the majestic sun against the scenic beauty of Mirissa.


Discover the Secret Beach

At the far end of the main beach lies this gem of a beach ensconced in a cove. Complementing the location are a row of hills providing seclusion and the lovely swaying of palms, secluded by hills and waving palms. Uncover the three hidden beaches within, Blue Lagoon, Shelly Beach and Palm Cove.