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Headline for Vietnamese Food: 7 Delicious Dishes You'll Love- Treating your Palette to Exotic Eats
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Vietnamese Food: 7 Delicious Dishes You'll Love- Treating your Palette to Exotic Eats

In a land adorned by the relics and cultures of many civilisations, Vietnamese cuisine represents an ancient fusion of flavours from a variety of nations that makes it a delicious diversion for travellers. Here are some must-try dishes when visiting Vietnam.


Pho: Banqueting on a Budget

Even amongst its diverse allurements, from panoramic mountain adventures and epic bay cruises to charming rural enclaves and UNESCO-listed jungle caves of skyscraper heigh, Vietnam's cuisine stands out with its unique blend of fresh heartiness, diverse textures, and phenomenal taste. One sumptuous staple you can't leave without sampling is pho, a piquant herb-rich broth full of savoury noodles and meaty goodness available in makeshift stands at most street corners.


Ca Kho To: Caramelized Fish Curry

Taking the comfort food to the next level, this traditional clay pot Catfish is luscious and uplifting, especially when braised to melt-in-the-mouth perfection and served over steaming rice. Blending the sweetness of coconut water and caramelized brown sugar, the spice of chilli, and the kick of fish sauce, this aromatic concoction packs plenty of indulgence for the senses.


Banh Khot: For Dainty Palates

The perfect snack for delicate eaters, if you're addicted to the iconic Vietnamese pancake but prefer bite-size portions, this tartlet packs a flavour punch in a single mouthful! Not only is this mini-pancake crispy golden brown on the outside and filled with savoury coconut cream, shrimp, and veggie concoction on the inside, they are so light and wholesome that you can easily down a dozen and not feel guilty about it! If you're looking for sophisticated apartments in Binh Duong proffering prime access to the region's best culinary hotspots, venture no further than Citadines Central Binh Duong.


Ché – Soup for Dessert

While a soup pudding sounds entirely bizarre, Ché is a wonderous rainbow to the eyes and tastebuds, its different variations often comprising of mung beans, tapioca powder, and glutinous rice, along with a colourful flavour medley of jellies, caramelized bananas, rambutan, mangoes, and jackfruit. There's nothing that hits the spot after a ramble or bicycle ride across the quaint maze-like streets of Saigon than the plonk of ice cubes and lingering notes of steamed black bean, creamy coconut milk, chewy jelly, and crunchy peanuts.


Banh Mih: Better Than a Baguette

For a mouthwatering Franco-Vietnamese staple that will have you begging for a recipe, visit any street market in Saigon! This crispy and flaky baguette (but better) is stuffed to overflowing with marinated meat of your choice, sweet sauce, and fresh vegetables such as cucumber, pickled carrots, chiles, and daikon.


Taro Pudding: Lush Stovetop Desert

Infused with the subtle notes of pandan, the sweetness of taro root, and the creaminess of coconut sauce, this glutinous rice pudding hits the spot just right whether served warm or cold. To make it extra fancy, the silky dessert is often dyed pandan green or gorgeous purple!


Goi Cuon: Salad Spring Rolls

If your tummy needs a short break from fried and rich foods, these delectable mini wraps host a refreshing medley of vegetables, slivers of shrimp or meat, and heaps of coriander, which all get generously doused in fish sauce before the first bite.