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Updated by Isaiah Lawson on May 09, 2022
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Isaiah Tweets from Spring '22

Isaiah's tweets from Journalism 108, Spring '22 semester.


Link to my GIF that I created on April 22. Woist Dis Grass!

Dads Tweet

In honor of my dad's birthday, this was one of the last things he said before I graduated High School. It was a long journey getting here, but we're here and almost finished! #RSJ108 #RIPDad #GOpack @alayna_wood92

Be Nice

We should be nice to each other in these difficult times. The world is so small that you might run into a familiar face down the road! Wise words from Austin Kleon's book Steal Like an Artist. #RSJ108 #Bekind #beabuddy

DUBS Advance!!!

Warriors defeat the Nuggets and send former MVP Jokic into the offseason. #DubNation #RSJ108 #RTTF


Forgot to post my Helvetica Font seeing. Microsoft is a huge user of the font! I noticed this when starting up my game after a long day. #Xboxisbetter #RSJ108 #helvetica

Wayne Once Said

Even though Lil Wayne has said some outrageous stuff, I find this very thought-provoking. #RSJ108

Thanks Kennedy!

This is Kennedy. She helped me with my financial aid and didn't want to look at the camera for this assignment. #HumansofUnr #JOUR108

Global Warming is Real

Global Warming is REAL! My chart shows the Global Mean Sea Level between 1995 and 2015. We are the change we want to be! @NatGeo @Water #RSJ108

Homeless Statue!

What is the point of this statue?!? To honor the homeless by creating a bench that has a statue of one on it? This bench could be used for a plethora of other things instead of this. #RSJ108

My favorite Tweet so far!

My favorite song from @isaiahrashad new album! Relates to me too well 😂. #FavortieAlbum #TDE #Judo #StillJammin .

Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe is the greatest body of water in the world!!! #RSJ108

85 South Show!

Late-night making art with @karlousmiller #85South #Jour108 #RSJ #taho

Least Favorite Tweet!

Did you know Vectors carried this type of significance?
#RSJ108 #VectorsNP #Vectors #Resolution

Cosmic Sans > Raleway

Took the font test in my #RSJ108 class. I was told Raleway is my fit, though I thought I was more of a Cosmic Sans type of guy 😂. #Raleway #DoneEarly