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How to Choose a Good Gaming Mouse

In this list, we will provide you with the best advice for choosing a gaming mouse, and also discuss detailed information on the best gaming mice, such as their weight, size, buttons, scroll wheel, tracking, and so on.


Choosing Mouse Best for Gaming

Choosing Mouse Best for Gaming

Decide on the type of sensor you want

First, decide on the type of mouse sensor you want. There are three main types: optical (or LED), laser and blue track. Optical mice use cameras to detect motion, laser mouses use a laser to do the same thing, and blue track mice use a blue light combined with an image sensor to do it.


Optical Sensors

Optical sensors are good at detecting motion on any smooth surface, but they won't work on transparent or reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors. Laser sensors work well on glass and most other surfaces, but they're expensive and tend to be more power-hungry than their optical counterparts.


Blue Track Sensor

Blue track sensors work on pretty much any surface, but they're not as accurate as optical or laser sensors. They also tend to require slightly more space to operate than other types of sensor because they scan a larger area.


Consider the number of features and buttons you want

The computer mouse is a tool that has become a key piece in our everyday lives as technology continues to evolve. It's no surprise that the mouse has progressed from the original two-buttoned design to something more complex and ergonomic.


Confirm your Mouse can Produce Good Clicks Per Seconds

Make sure you mouse has good cps scores you can test that via this cps test it can boost your gaming performance by miles.
A good gaming mouse will last you for years and improve your gaming experience.  It is hard to be a good gamer without a good mouse. We're trying to help gamers by making our mouse better than other company's mice so that gamers can be the best.


Features in modern Mouse

There are dozens of features that could be found in today's computer mice, such as wireless connectivity, scroll wheels and sensitivity buttons. With all of these options, it's important to determine which features are the most crucial for your needs.


Make sure it has all the answers to your questions

It's important to consider the number of features and buttons you want in your mouse before making a purchase. Here are some questions to ask yourself while shopping:
Do I want a wired or wireless mouse? A wireless mouse can save you from getting tangled up with cords, but it requires batteries or charging time.


Don't go for extra features you don't need

How many buttons do I need? Some users need only the basic left and right click. Others might require buttons for their index finger, middle finger or ring finger. (These types of mice are called ambidextrous mice.) This can be especially useful for people who use certain software programs on a regular basis and might benefit from having quick access to shortcuts within these programs. Consider how many shortcuts you use on a daily basis and whether they're worth adding extra buttons for.


Choose a Type

The other step to finding the perfect mouse is to choose a style. Mice come in three basic varieties:


Mechanical Mouse

Mechanical mice, which use a rubber or metal ball on its underside that rolls as the mouse is moved, and internal rollers sense the rotation of the ball and move the cursor accordingly. A mechanical mouse typically has two buttons for left- and right-clicking, plus a scrolling wheel between them.