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Is A2 desi Cow Ghee Good For Liver?

As ghee has a high content of medium-chain fatty acid, it provides a lot of energy because they are directly similarly absorbed into the liver

A2 Desi Cow Ghee 450ml - Earthomaya

Pure Desi Ghee Cow Ghee made from A2 milk from Rajasthan native Rathi Cows with mostly found in arid region of Bikaner, Shree Ganganagar, Hanumangarh and Churu districts of Rajasthan.

Benefits of Desi Cow ghee in Liver Diseases | Dr. Bipin Vibhute

Benefits of Desi Cow ghee in Liver Diseases is proven to be beneficial in patients suffering from liver diseases.

Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee in Liver Diseases

Desi ghee is a rich source of energy and includes medium and short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are easily assimilated, absorbed, and metabolized in the liver part. Desi cow ghee is supercharged with medium and short-chain fatty acids, which our liver absorbs and uses as energy.

Is ghee bad for the liver? Here's What the Science Says

Is ghee bad for the liver is a critical question because it is often assumed that fat-based products are harmful to liver health.

A2 cow ghee: Is it healthier than regular ghee? | The Times of India

There is a lot of buzz around A2 cow ghee these days. While we all know that it is pure cow ghee, what makes it different from the regular ghee available in the market? It is also usually priced high. So is it worth buying?

Is Cow Ghee Good For Fatty Liver? - Neeness

Is Cow Ghee Good For Fatty Liver? Animal studies have demonstrated many beneficial effects of ghee, including dose-dependent decreases in serum total

Omega-3 and Omega-9 in A2 Cow Ghee and its Impact on body - Shree Radhey Dairy

Our body is a divine creation and we need to take care of it. In fact, we ride our dreams on our bodies; a healthy body and mind can make it possible for us to fulfill our dreams. Thus, it’s vital that we take good care of it. Today, we are going to discuss a vital aspect of our health. We are going to talk about Omega-3 and Omega-9, which is necessary for our body to stay healthy. It is believed that both Omega – 3 and Omega- 9 are present in A2 cow ghee. So, let us first begin by understanding the importance of both.

Omega-3 and -9 in A2 Cow Ghee and its benefits – Amrutam Ghee

A2 cow ghee may as well be the Omega (end) of health issues. This golden elixir seems to be the most healthy food constituent, gradually eliminating many major health problems. The presence of Omega-3 and -9 fatty acids adds to the nutritional goodness of ghee in multiple ways. We often read about the importance of thi

Effect of Saturated Fat (Desi Ghee) on Gut-Liver Axis in Alcoholic Hepatitis - Full Text View -

Alcohol is one of the predominant causes of liver diseases and liver-related deaths worldwide. 10% of heavy drinkers consuming more than 30g /day of alcohol for 5 years develop alcoholic liver disease (ALD). The liver acts as a major organ in alcohol metabolism. Alcohol is metabolized to acetaldehyde, the key toxin in alcohol mediated liver injury which gets converted to reactive oxygen species (ROS) through oxidative pathway thus leading to hepatocyte injury. Several experimental and human studies have shown that alcohol also causes intestinal bacterial overgrowth, intestinal mucosal damage and enhances intestinal permeability, leading to translocation of bacteria and their by-products (like LPS) in the portal circulation. Bacteria further stimulate the production of ROS and pro-inflammatory cytokines like TNF-alpha, IL-6, & chemokines, thus further damaging the liver. Alcohol intake not only causes bacterial overgrowth but also brings a qualitative change in the type of bacteria. The number of gram-negative bacteria like Enterobacteriaceae / Proteobacteria - E.Coli, Firmicutes -Enterococcocus, Bacteriodetes- Fusobacteria and Staphylococaceae -Staphylococcus increase whereas the number of gram-positive bacteria viz. Firmicutes -Lactobacillus, Ruminococcaceae, Lachnospiraceae; Actinobacteria -Bifidobacterium decrease. This change is termed dysbiosis. Thus alcohol-related liver injury is potentiated by alcohol-induced gut barrier dysfunction and ensuing cascade of events, involving dysbiosis. Studies suggest that probiotic administration decreased alcohol-induced dysbiosis, TNF- alpha & IL-6 levels, and improves gut leakiness & liver inflammation. Probiotics also restore the level of lactobacilli thus creating more acidic environment, lowering the intestinal pH & stabilizing mucosal barrier, thereby preventing microbial translocation & blocking TLR-4 signaling cascade and attenuating liver injury. Hence there is evidence that suggests to targeting dysbiosis improves alcohol-related liver disease. Studies have also shown that lactobacilli use saturated fat (SF) for its growth and supplementing SF improves gut lactobacilli levels and subsequently decreases the progression of ALD. Low levels of microbial long-chain saturated fat caused due to alcohol compromise the growth of lactobacillus and hence disrupt gut barrier integrity. A large multicentre epidemiologic study in chronic alcoholics with comparable per capita alcohol intake has shown that intake of saturated fat is associated with lower mortality rates as compared to unsaturated fats (USF) Diet rich in SF has been found to prevent ethanol-induced changes viz. an increase in proteobacteria & liver steatosis, which were actually increased with the consumption of USF. Yet another study reported that the SF diet improved intestinal tight junction expression and alleviated intestinal inflammation caused due to ethanol intake. Supplementation of long-chain fatty SF to ethanol injured mice with increased intestinal permeability restored metabolic homeostasis with decreased intestinal bad bacteria levels where supposedly saturated fat serves as a vitamin B substitute and promotes the growth of lactobacilli species which ameliorates alcoholic liver injury.

A2 Ghee Benefits & its Nutrition Facts | Jiva Ayurveda

Know what are the different benefits of A2 Cow Ghee & its nutritional facts so y9u can enjoy food with taste, nutrition and wisdom of Ayurveda