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Its all about Social Media

7 Ways To Get More Out Of Twitter

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools available to a modern educator, student, or administrator. It's a free tool that connects you to some of the most innovative and useful ideas the world has to offer. You can communicate with just about anyone in brief messages.

80 Time-Saving Social Media Shortcuts

If you use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Google+ then you need this. Simple as that. These are some awesome time-saving social media shortcuts for all the major social networks. You might just impress yourself with how much of a social media maverick (is there a feminine version of maverick? Mavericka?)

8 Questions Answered By Popular Social Networks

The number of popular social networks may seem overwhelming. We can share links, ideas, comments, jokes, pictures and everything else, and new social media options seem to pop-up everyday. This may discourage learners, teachers, instructional designers and eLearning professionals from using the fantastic benefits of a social presence on the internet.

5 Time-Saving Google Tips You Should Know About

Do you ever wonder how schools, universities, colleges, and large groups in general should use social media? Students are often early adopters, frequent users, and overall lovers of technology and social media. Want to help? I'm always looking for fun, creative, and exciting writers to get featured.

4 Ways To Improve School Communication Using Social Media

In the past three decades, the presence of technology in the school and classroom has gone from practically nonexistent to being a vital part of the learning experience. As computers and other forms of technology filtered into the classroom, the ability to improve school communication via computer also impacted the way school districts kept parents and staff members informed.

How (And Why) To Try Twitter Teams In School

Twitter can give a school district's constituents-parents, community members, students and teachers-a real-time peek into the working lives of administrators and teachers and into the amazing projects students are working on daily. It is an instantaneous platform for communicating what reading material you find interesting, which teachers are doing innovative things in classrooms, displays of school spirit and of technology integration, showcases of community service and more.

How To Use Instagram In The Classroom

We've shared a lot of different ideas here on how to integrate different forms of social media in the classroom. From Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest, there are a ton of educators out there who are harnessing their students' existing interest and knowledge of these social media tools to engage them in learning activities in the classroom.

Mark Anderson's Blog | education, learning & technology

Many is the blog post which highlights the ways in which Twitter is the best staffroom in the world but I've not seen too many that highlight the ways in which we can use Twitter in the classroom.

90+ Twitter Tools Teachers Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Twitter is the topical theme of my MAED thesis and I have been assembling and compiling several resources and academic papers on this topic. I also have a special section under the title "Twitter for Teachers" where I share with my fellow teachers and readers all the tips and tools they need to tap into the educational potential of this microblogging platform.

Social media tips for teachers

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