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Updated by Legends Singapore on Aug 26, 2022
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Legends Fight Sport

"At Legends, we’ve built a solid community of boxing in Singapore. This makes Legends Special.

We want you to have fun while work out, and at the same time box well and correctly. We have TCW’s trademark coaching system in place and our coaches not only push you physically and mentally, but can also teach the sweet science. Other than our passion for the sport combined with the unique and genuine boxing experience we offer, it’s our students that complete us. "


How to Outbox An Aggressive Fighter - Legends Fight Sport

Aggressive, come-forward pressure fighters can be really troublesome to spar or fight against. They spoil your rhythm and distance. Every time you try to make space, there they are in your face again, pushing, shoving, throwing ugly punches that slowly but surely bruise up your forearms and sides and eventually, your chin. How do we get them off of us? 

Don't Throw Your Lead Hook Wrong! - Legends Fight Sport

In boxing, a lead hook is one of the more difficult punches to land, but also more difficult to defend against if thrown right. It’s also an efficient punch – you don’t need to throw it very hard to generate a lot of power! At Legends, we include plenty of lead hook combos and setups into our curriculum. Make sure you’re not making these mistakes when stepping into a boxing gym! 

What makes a good jab - Legends Fight Sport Blog

We often hear or read about famous professional fighters as having a good jab. But what makes a jab good to begin with? 

How to be an effective training partner - Legends Fight Sport

Some simple boxing tips and pointers on how you can help your partner and yourself improve during our training.

Best in Singapore - Legends Fight Sport

Considered to be the best boxing gym in Singapore! What a motivation for us to keep going to continue to improve and enhance your boxing experience.

Coach Bruno's opinion on Boxing Wraps - Legends Fight Sport

Confused with all the different kinds of hand wraps available in the market. And the different techniques in putting on the wraps? This article may help you

Best Defensive Technique - Legends Fight Sport Blog

So, what is the best defensive technique in boxing? It's important to learn how to hit and not get hit. After all, that's the name of the game.

Boxing Training at Home - Legends Fight Sport Blog

Read on for some tips and ideas on how you can continue your boxing training at home despite the COVID-19 situation. Get better everyday!

Beginner's Guide to Sparring - Legends Fight Sport Blog

New to sparring and not sure what to expect or look out for? Read this and have a better understanding on how to get the most out of your sparring session!

5 Rules of Sparring | Blog | Legends Fight Sport

Read up to know more about the 5 basic rules of sparring. These things are not publicized and aren't commonly discussed, but are widely practiced in most gyms.

5 Reasons Why We Shadowbox | Blog | Legends Fight Sport

Done correctly with the right goals in mind, shadow boxing can help improve a boxer's overall fighting abilities. Here are 5 reasons why boxers shadow boxes.

New Year for busy and lazy people | Blog |

Still need a little bit more motivation or push to get your 2020 goals going? Read up to get a reality check and to get working!

Happy Anniversary Legends | Blog | Legends Fight Sport

Check out how we at started and how we grow at a top boxing gym in Singapore.

Basic Guard| Blog| Legends Fight Sport

The basic guard is the standard form of defense you will learn when you first start boxing. Make sure to get this right so as to be efficient in the ring.

Don't skip SKIPPING | Blog | Legends Fight Sport

Skipping or jumping rope is a necessary form of training in boxing. Want to know how skipping can help you be a better boxer?