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Updated by Joanna James on May 12, 2022
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5 Easy Ways to Get Around Hangzhou- An Avant-garde Artist’s Dream

A popular subject of ancient art and poetry, this 2,200-year historic capital of China holds an abundance of nature-kissed, commercial, and picturesque value for visitors to enjoy. Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of your Hangzhou stay.


Private Transfer Service

Accessing this niche town that is unique to much of bustling China for its tranquil living style is as simple as it gets. For instance, if you're travelling from major local hubs like Hong Kong or international cities like Bangkok or Singapore, all you need to do is board a flight to Hangzhou's lush "Garden Airport" and travel to the city centre via shuttle bus. There's no flight option from Shanghai to Hangzhou, as this heritage-rich provincial capital is only 170 kilometres away and, therefore, accessible by a 1-hour bullet train ride (1.5 hours from Suzhou). The most hassle-free way to enjoy this city is to book a private Hangzhou tour package which will pick you up from the airport and guide you leisurely through the city's enticements according to your preferences.


Bus Circuit

This legendary lakeside city is riddled with romance and intrigue, containing just the right touch of modernity for convenience; here, visitors are charmed by silhouettes of ancient mountains clasping the iconic West Lake, intimate glimpses into the local culture at the several dedicated museums, gracious traditional villas, and lively market promenades. A popular mode of transport that will efficiently get you to chief city attractions and precincts, such as the Meijiawu Tea Village and China National Silk Museum, is the good old bus! This is also one of the most economical options, as the bus fare remains pretty stable no matter how far you travel.


The Subway

Hangzhou's sophisticated metro system, with its seven operating lines and more under construction, is one of the most convenient ways to whizz around the city, especially if you need to get a lot of sightseeing done on a budget! The Subway is open from 6 AM to 10:30 PM with tickets starting at 2 CNY, which is fully worth it considering the cleanliness and spaciousness of the carriages. If you're travelling without a local counterpart to show you a rope of this complex system, don't be daunted, as Hangzhou Metro Guides are available online. If you're looking for top-notch Hangzhou co-living abodes proffering prime access to the city's transport networks and other amenities, venture no further than lyf Mid-Town Hangzhou.


Hail a Taxi

Whether you want to shop till you drop at Hefang Street, visit the UNSECO-listed Grand Canal, or explore different teahouses searching for the best brew and view of the lake, flagging down a taxi is the most effortless way to get where you need to go. Though it's best to avoid this plentiful vehicle (the city has over 10,000 taxis) during traffic-heavy peak hours, Hangzhou taxis are both reliable and affordable, with many drivers acting as friendly tour guides!


Hire a Bike

If you're spending the day immersed in nature or quiet sightseeing, especially around the irresistible West Lake area, grab a bike from one of the city's 2,700 rental stations and soak in the picturesque scenery and old-world relics as you peacefully pedal along.