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Latte Art Designs for Beginners – Exquisite Expression through Creative Coffee

Coffee is a lifestyle, and if you want to spice up your latte game and touch the hearts of your loved ones by making their morning or evening coffee extra eye candy, here's how to master the essential life skill of customizing artistic lattes.


The Winning Heart

There's never too much love to go around, and no matter how often you order it at a café, nothing can make you as warm and fuzzy as this decadent design. But first things first. Before you attempt the technique behind this sentimental masterpiece, you need to make sure you have the right tools at hand. For instance, a purpose-built pitcher is necessary to attain the creamy milk foam with the perfect 'melted ice-cream' consistency, and if you don't have specialized latte art tools or stencils, a toothpick is the next best thing. The secret behind this particular pattern is to tilt the cup at a 45-degree angle and hold the pitcher up high, shaking it to make circular patterns. When the cup is almost full, hold the pitcher closer and slice the pencil-thin stream of milk in a line through the centre.


The Versatile Rosetta

This design gives you the flexibility to create an original sensation where even mistakes can be converted into unique artistic flourishes! The technique follows the heart, except that during the latter stage, the pitcher is made to rest on the cup, with a bit more milk foam poured in one spot before wiggling out the pattern and drawing through. Now, while this design is known to bring about looks of admiration, you can make this cup of coffee even more special by identifying your personal favourite expresso bean in advance. Each expresso bean has a distinct flavour and explores each of its key characteristics before settling on one. If you're looking to make a reliable and high-quality coffee bean order online, take your pick from the Damn Fine Coffee website.


The Dreamy Tulip

While this gorgeous motif looks way harder than the Rosetta, it's the easier of the two. What you have to first master is directing a steady stream of milk high and slow, then carefully pouring three incomplete hearts by bringing the pitcher down low – the entire process that follows depends on the positioning of the pitcher and the consistency of the micro foamed milk. If you're feeling a little more confident, you can upgrade to the seriously impressive 'wave tulip', which requires more foam milk semi-circles before pulling up the pitcher to draw out a thin line through them. The important thing is to get creative and pour love into the process with your own embellishments, such as writing a word in the frothy cream with a stencil or dusting off the edges of your foam masterpiece with chocolate, cinnamon, or spices.


The Adorable Bear

If there ever was a peace offering, it's a smiling bear gazing up at you from a frame of rich brown coffee and snowy foam. You can also delight your kids by producing this sunshiny new friend on a babycino as mom and dad sip their grown-up coffee! This cheerful expresso picture follows the same steps as the heart, except that the milk is not concentrated over the age at the final stage. Instead, the pitcher is set to pour out a thicker stream that ends up looking more like an apple-shaped blob, which can be transformed into a sweet bear's face using a spoon, toothpick, and a little extra milk.

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