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Domain and Hosting Resources

Serving as a gateway to the online world of information, the best domain and hosting services help your site’s readers and potential customers. Whether you’re setting up your first website or managing a wide portfolio of domain names, finding the right registrar and hosting provider can save you loads of time and headaches

Affordable Website Hosting Services

Web hosting is a service provided by companies (the web host) that sell or lease space on a server where you store the files that make your website accessible on the internet. These companies typically require that you own a domain, and they may help you purchase one.

Reliable WordPress Hosting Services, Domain Names Included

Great WordPress hosting is more than just features included, it is also the support people maintaining your server. Put an end to the frustrations caused by slow Server performance and difficult-to-work-with hosts. All hosting plans use fast SSD storage, up to 20x faster than traditional hard drives

Image Hosting Services Domains and SSL Included

Sometimes, a Facebook album or an Instagram post isn't the best way to store and share your photos. With an evolving web that's increasingly becoming more visual because of mobile browsing, free image hosting is becoming a must-have digital tool. One of the most reliable and trusted photo, image and picture hosting with our famous 'No Price Surprise' Services. Upload and share your photos

CMS Web Hosting Services Domain Names Included

Simple Content Hosting Solutions. Hosting your content, whether it is a blog, videos, photographs, or just a website. Content Management Systems, For Website Creation and Management, Easy Setup Of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, Concrete5, Tiki Wiki, Bolt...

Blog Hosting for Bloggers - From Personal to Professional

Undecide on which web hosting you should choose for your blog? If you want to start a successful blog, it's important to choose the best blog hosting. Choosing the wrong web hosting can slow down your website, cause security issues, and even crash your whole blog! Plus, switching web hosts can be a hassle. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choice to begin with when you’re starting a new blog.

Joomla Web Hosting Services Domain Included

Joomla hosting is an internet hosting service that allows you to make your Joomla! based website available to internet users. A hosting service supplies the webspace on their server that makes your website available around the clock and takes care of all the technical aspects that ensure seamless Joomla! website hosting.

Affordable PHP Web Hosting Services

PHP hosting involves storing your scripts and applications on a remote server, which is managed and maintained by a host. It aims to provide the user with all the tools to set up the perfect environment for code development.

Choosing A Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain name is often the first point of contact people have with you. It can be one of the most important steps in establishing your brand or business

Hosting vs. Domain: What's the Difference?

Almost every business in existence will eventually need to have its own website. But before you get to that point, it's first important to understand web

What is Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

We will explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS in terms of security, performance, and search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.
Also, we’ll explore how the HTTP vs HTTPS protocols transport data via the internet and the significant role of SSL certificates.

What is the Difference Between Domain Names and Web Hosting

How Web Hosting and Domain Names Work Together.
The main difference between domain and hosting is that domain is the address, which allows a visitor to easily find your website online, while hosting is where the website files are stored. In order to have a functioning website, you need both – a domain and hosting space

Glossary of Internet Terms - Internet Society

AAP Address Allocation Protocol
AD Area Director
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AfNOG African Network Operations Group
AfriNIC African Network Information Centre

Glossary of Domain Names, Definitions and their Meanings

Glossary of technical terms for Domain Names, Registration, Records and Hosting that are easy to understand. Domain Names. Domain Name Registration. Glossary of Terms Associated with the Internet

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

This Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Policy") has been adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN"), is incorporated by reference into your Registration Agreement, and sets forth the terms and conditions in connection with a dispute between you and any party other than us (the registrar) over the registration and use of an Internet domain name registered by you

Complete Javascript Resources, Information, Tools, Validators

Complete JavaScript Resources Guide for Designers and Developers Including E-books, Tutorials, Utilities & Libraries, Cheat Sheets, Validators, Examples and more

cPanel Hosting Services Domains and SSL Included

cPanel can help make your job easier. When you have a control panel interface that provides hundreds of features to help you easily manage your website, email, databases and online software. cPanel has developed what is the ultimate feature matrix. You are in full control with cPanel thats built for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a mom and pop web store, a corporation, or just a freelance tech anyone can use cPanel

Domain Name Parking Services - Free

Domain parking is a simple and economical way to reserve a domain name for future use. There are several reasons you might want to buy a domain name and put a landing page up.

Email Web Hosting Services Domain Included

Affordable Email Hosting for Your Business. Give your business a professional look without the generic look of a Gmail address. Secure and Private Email. On the web or on the go. Keep your inbox in sync with our email hosting. Whether you are on a mobile device, at your desktop or on the web, we have solutions that will work the way you want

What Are The Advantages and Benefits of a Dot ORG Domain Name

The domain name org is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) of the Domain Name System (DNS) used on the Internet. The name is truncated from organization. It was one of the original domains established in 1985, and has been operated by the Public Interest Registry since 2003. .org is an open and unrestricted domain. Anyone is allowed to register and use .org domain is the home for millions of nonprofit websites, including charitable

Secure Domain Hosting Services Domain Included

After you choose the best domain name to represent you or your business, it’s time to choose the right domain hosting provider. You want hosting that is reliable, with storage space that can grow as your Website's needs grow. We pride ourselves on providing all of the above and more in our web hosting services. With 99.9% web hosting uptime, hosting services packages that can change with your business. Our hosting services are here to help you succeed

Choosing A Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

The making of a good domain name. Length. When it comes to a domain name, less is more. Shorter names are easier to remember and to type, which means users are more likely to find your website. Your domain name will have a significant impact on the success and potential of your website. Make sure to put some careful thought into choosing yours.

Softaculous Web Hosting Services Domain Included

Softaculous is a software auto-installer that is used to install web applications including different scripts and PHP classes with one-click. . Our Softaculous enabled hosting packages comes with over 350 ready to install scripts. Every client gets a free SSL certificate with many more options to add at no additional cost. Our hosting servers are 100% optimized for running Softaculous websites. Now all you have to do is login and your Website is ready to go

Glossary of Domain Names, Definitions and their Meanings

A Glossary is a deliverable that documents terms that are unique to the business or technical domain. A glossary is used to ensure that all stakeholders (business and technical) understand what is meant by the terminology, acronyms, and phrases used inside an organization.
Learn the lingo associated with the domain name industry. This comprehensive Domain Glossary comprises the most common (and less common) domain terms

Affordable Small Business Hosting Services, Domains Included

Our small business hosting service gives you and your customers a reliable connection to your Website. See what you can do with the right Host behind you. Since 1997 we have offered reliable small business hosting services. Whether you need a Domain or a hosting account for your business. We have the service and experienced team to support you. We strive to be the best. Backed by the best support team and fastest Servers within the business

What Is The Meaning Of .COM In A Domain Name

The history and original use of this domain extension was introduced as one of the first top level domains when the Domain Name System was first implemented. Once Internet access spread across the globe, dot-com lost its meaning as a commercial designator. Today anyone can purchase a URL with a .com top-level domain for any purpose