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Looking for the best tattoo ideas for men and women

Today, getting a tattoo is a no-brainer for many men. After all, some ink can be a seriously cool way to showcase your personality. But, while the choice to go under the needle may be easy, the decision of what exactly to get tattooed on your body and where can be challenging. To ensure you don’t end up regretting your tat in ten years’ time, it’s important to approach the process thoughtfully. To help you do so, we’ve created this ultimate guide filled with advice on how to choose the best tattoos for men.


Band Aid Tattoo Ideas and Designs With Meanings

Band aid tattoo meaning and designs for men and women. Band aid tattoos for the sleeve, arm, wrist, small and large. 

Tattoos of Scooby Doo Are a Must See For Men and Women

Scooby doo tattoo ideas. Designs for the sleeve, arm, leg, chest, small and large. Small and Unique tattoos of Scooby Doo.

Pennywise Tattoo Ideas and IT Designs For Men and Women

Pennywise tattoo ideas - Designs for the sleeve, arm, chest, back, small and large. Stephen King It tattoo and scary clowns. 

Vegeta Tattoo Ideas and Designs For Men and Women

Vegeta tattoo ideas for the sleeve, arm, chest, small and large. Simple Majin Vegeta tattoo designs to show your Saiyan loyalty. 

Kiss Neck Tattoo Ideas and Designs With Meanings

Kiss neck tattoo ideas usually realistic in designs. Get a sexy kiss tattoo on neck usually with a strong secretive meaning. 

Venom Tattoo Ideas and Designs You Have To See

Venom tattoo ideas with designs for the arm, sleeve, chest, leg, small and large. Venom tattoos for men and women.

Everyone should be familiar with the full-blown venom look that is after the venom symbiote bond has been completed. This super realistic tattoo is a perfect depiction of that.

Bull Skull Tattoo Ideas Simple Designs With Meanings

Bull Skull tattoo ideas and designs for the sleeve, arm, chest, large and small. Cow skull tattoo ideas for men and women. 

A bull skull tattoo can represent strength, death, protection, and courage. It symbolizes power, leadership, confidence, toughness, anger, fearlessness, protection, courage, and masculinity. The bull tattoo also signifies fertility, spirituality, growth, durability, and righteousness. These are the main reasons why people love to get themselves inked with bull tattoos.

Larkspur Tattoos - The July Birth Flower Design Ideas

Larkspur Tattoo Ideas, the official flower for people born in July, Check out that special meaning and beautiful designs.

Larkspur flowers mean love and symbolize romantic feelings. Larkspurs are often found in indigo, but it's also common to find these flowers in shades of pink and white.

HXH Tattoo Ideas and Simple Designs For Men and Women

HXH tattoo ideas with designs for the sleeve, arm, chest, leg, small or large. Hunter x Hunter logo tattoos and Phantom Troupe.

Hunter x Hunter focuses on the youngster Gon Freeccs and his friends. Gon is trying to become a hunter and track down his father Ging, a legendary Hunter whom he thought had died, while also introducing a wildly eclectic group of side characters and antagonists, as only classical anime can.

Jimin Tattoo Designs And Their Hidden Meanings

Jimin ultimate tattoo guide. The BTS member tattoos and all their meanings. Jimin and Jungkook are the only two with tattoos

Does Jimin have a tattoo?
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These aren't the first tattoos Jimin has sported publicly and fans have duly noticed. The star also has a “Young Forever” tattoo just above each of his elbows on the back of both his arms, a “13” on his wrist, and the ever-so-popular “Nevermind” across his ribs.

Hawk Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men - Tattoos Of Hawks

Hawk tattoo designs for the sleeve, chest, forearm, red tailed, Cobra Kai small and large. Tattoos of hawks with meaning.

Similar to the hawk, the falcon is also a bird of prey. It symbolises freedom, strength, courage, focus, hope and new opportunity, and determination. They are known for their intelligence and accurately calculate time and distance while they attack their prey. You can couple a falcon tattoo with a hawk tattoo and make a perfect tattoo combination to up your tattoo game.

Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas With Trippy Nirvana Designs

Smiley face tattoo designs with ideas for the sleeve, arm, chest, trippy, Nirvana, small and large. Smile tattoos are quirky and positive.

From sweet and simple to bold and eccentric, smiley face tattoos come in all shapes and sizes; it’s really all up to you to find your personal style.

In saying that, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices with some of the best smiley face tattoo ideas. We’ll also outline everything you need to know, from meanings to costs to the history and even a list of celebs who rock the look.

Rick and Morty Tattoo Ideas and Small Simple Designs

Rick and Morty tattoo ideas with designs for the sleeve, arm, chest, wrist, small and large. Rick & Morty stencil tattoos.

Rick and Morty is a television show by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon about a bored teenager and his scientist grandfather who have adventures in a dystopian universe. The show has a large following. It’s not difficult to find tats of Rick and Morty on your Instagram feed.

Armband Tattoos Designs and Ideas You Can Rock

The best armband tattoos for men and women. Choosing the right band tattoo design, meanings, and inspirations.

armbands can be found all on the arms of men from all walks of life including the military (a brassard), press, sporting teams and more. Interestingly enough, the modern meaning of distinguishing what group, team, rank or role someone belongs to, has literally the same connection to the past.

Freddy Krueger Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

Find Freddy Krueger Tattoo ideas. We have gathered up our favorite Frightening Freddy Krueger Tattoos, and we're sure you'll love them all

Frederick Charles Krueger, popularly known as Freddy Krueger, was the main antagonist of the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchise.

Freddy was a serial killer and sociopath who used to kill the children of the fictitious town of Springwood in Ohio. After evading prison due to a legal technicality, he was hunted down by the locals and burned in the boiler room of the very power plant he used to work in.

Cute Ant Tattoo Ideas With Meaning and Designs

Ant tattoo ideas for those strong personalities. The ant is the universal symbol of diligence. Designs for the sleeve, wrist, arm, chest, leg

They are also known for their teamwork, innocence, and unity. Ants may appear to be small in size, yet they are large in terms of brainpower, intelligence, and wisdom. They are wise, structured, loyal, quick thinkers, and are called the symbols of positivity, fortune, good health, endurance, strength, wealth, etc.

Stairway To Heaven Tattoo Ideas and Designs For Men and Women

Stairway to heaven tattoo designs and ideas for the sleeve, wrist, chest, forearm, back, small or large. Deeply spiritual and spectacular. 

The Gates of Heaven tattoo can be worn to symbolize a variety of different things, including the wearer's religious faith, or as a memorial to remember a lost loved one. Inspiration. Hope. Happiness.