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Updated by Image Laundry on Apr 27, 2023
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Image Laundry - Best Laundry in Dubai

Image Laundry is the best laundry offers premium laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services at competitive prices with free pickup & delivery to all over Dubai.

Why do You have Yellow Stains on Your Clothes?

Yellow stains are visible after washing clothes. A yellow stain is near-impossible to remove, whether it's a ring around the collar or under the arm. The easy way to improve is to wash all garments properly before storing them. You can also contact the best laundry service in Dubai and get the yellow stains removed.

Two Easy Methods to Brighten Your Dull White Clothes

We all love to wear white clothes but maintaining white clothes is also challenging. Bleaching and non-bleaching are two methods you can use to make your white clothes shine. Whereas the best laundry in Dubai makes it easy for you. Read our step-by-step guide to polishing white clothes.

It has always been a trend to wear leather clothes, also keeping them same is also a task as the fabrics are sensitive. You cannot use the wet washing method for cleaning, best is give them laundry at Dubai Marina. You need to be extremely careful in cleaning, storing and removing stains. Read the care tips here or you can contact the [laundry in Dubai](


Best Laundry Service Near You

Image Laundry is the best laundry service provider in Dubai. We provide convenient dry cleaning, washing, and ironing laundry services near you with free pick-up and delivery. With us, you can book your laundry online.


Best Dry Cleaners in JLT with Free Pick-up & Drop

Best Dry Cleaners in JLT with Free Pick-up & Drop

Are you searching for the best dry cleaners in JLT? Image Laundry is a well-known dry cleaner in JLT that offers dry cleaning services using the latest technology for your clothes. We use eco-friendly and safe products to make your clothes fresh. Get free laundry pickup services.


Carpet Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Stains

According to companies that offer carpet cleaning in Dubai, stains can be annoying and more stubborn than you can imagine, especially if you do not use the right cleaning method to remove them. Apply these tips to get rid of pesky stains on the carpet.

Source: How to Remove Pesky Stains from the Carpet?


Affordable Laundry in Dubai Marina

Image Laundry is a well-known laundry provides the best quality and environment-friendly laundry service in Dubai Marina. We have world-class machines and a team of experts to take care of your valuable garments. Put your request for free pickup on our website today and get your laundry back within 48 hours.

Tips to Cleaning Your Silk Clothes

Cleaning plays a massive role in maintaining your garments. You can wash your silk clothes with your hands or in a machine. If this process seems difficult for you, you can also drop your clothes at a laundry in Dubai to clean them. Read more about different cleaning processes for your silk-based clothes.

How to Wash Denim Without any Damages?

Taking special care of our denim garments is necessary because they are too expensive. To extend your denim life and keep looking good, you can approach a company that provides laundry service in Dubai, Marina. Visit here to know about washing tips of denim.


High Quality Laundry Service Near You in Dubai

Image laundry is a well established laundry company provides convenient, fast and affordable laundry service in Dubai. Our trained staff uses top quality and eco friendly detergents, emulsifiers, softeners to extend your clothes life. Contact us today to get hassle-free laundry service near you.

Which Risks are Associated with Home-based Dry Cleaning?

There are many risk factors associated with home-based dry cleaning. You must check whether your clothes fabric can sustain home-based dry cleaning or not; otherwise, the fabric can be damaged. When using a dry cleaning kit, your clothes can leave a strong smell. If you are a migraine patient, we suggest you not take the risk of dry cleaning at home. Moreover, you can search for cheap laundry near me and drop off clothes at the nearby laundry service provider.


Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider in JLT

Image Laundry is the best dry cleaners in JLT. With extensive experience in this field, we offer top-quality dry cleaning service with free pick-up and drop. Our team of professionals pays special attention to the fabric of your clothes during dry cleaning. Contact us today.

How to Keep Your Clothes from Fading?

Some fabrics of your clothes are more delicate than others, and if you are not careful, they can fade quickly. To keep these clothes fresh and new, you have to dry them in the shade, away from direct sunlight. Although, you can use vinegar rinse to keep your clothes looking vibrant. If your clothes label mentions only dry cleaning then you can give it to any reliable dry cleaners in JLT for dry cleaning.

Image Laundry is the most prominent laundry in Dubai Marina. Having vast experience in this field, we have world-class machines and professional scouts to take care of your garments. We aim to provide top-quality, environment-friendly, and safe laundry.

Quick Fixes to Solve Dry Cleaning Problems

If you are planning to dry clean your clothes, you must know that you can not dry clean all your clothes. It depends on the fabric of your clothes. You must remove your clothes from the plastic bag as soon as the dry cleaning process is finished so it doesn’t develop a bad smell. If you think dry cleaning is a hassle, you can search for cheap laundry near me and drop your clothes for dry cleaning.


Expert Dry Cleaners in JLT

Expert Dry Cleaners in JLT

Image Laundry is a one-stop destination for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Our expert dry cleaners in JLT provide comprehensive dry cleaning services for suites, leather jackets, wedding dresses, and many more. We use eco-friendly and safe products to keep your clothes fresh and hygienic. Contact us today for the best dry cleaning service at an affordable price.

Laundry Tips to Care for White Shirt

People are unaware of the technique to wash white shirts and maintain their fabric and color. The first and foremost tip for washing a white shirt is to use an adequate amount of detergent to maintain the fabric. Don’t mix up a white shirt with other clothes as it can easily get darker and catch colors. However, it is better to search for cheap laundry near you to clean white shirt with proper care.

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes without water. Dry cleaners in JLT use different types of liquid combinations as evaporators to remove stains. They placed clothes in a dry cleaning machine and added various liquid solvent mixtures. It is recommended to send your clothes to the best laundry service provider to dry clean your delicate clothes.

The dry cleaning method can remove tough stains and improve the longetivity of your clothes. The reason behind this process is to keep your clothes odourless and damage-free. You can go for dry cleaning in Dubai at Image Laundry, as they know the proper techniques and ingredients to make your clothes shine.

Dry cleaning is a washing technique for deep cleaning clothes without any damage. Solvents used in the dry cleaning process can effectively remove stains and dust from clothes. Also, it is widely used in areas with a scarcity of water. That is why dry cleaning in Dubai is quite popular.

What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid During Laundry?

Overwashing is one of the common mistakes that most people make. The fabric and colors of the clothing might be ruined by overwashing. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause wrinkles and stiffness in your clothing. You must set a time limit for sun-drying garments. To avoid laundry mistakes, you can hire a professional laundry in Dubai.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Clothes Germ-Free

Before you fill your washing machine with piles of dirty clothes, it is important to clean and make it infection-free using different cleaning detergents and vinegar. You can use hot water for cleaning as it is the perfect compound to remove germs and bacteria from clothes. The best laundry in Dubai uses clothing conditioners that give freshness to clothes and makes it odour and germ-free.

Best Way to Clean Your Carpet

The best way to clean your carpet is to start with regular vacuuming to remove loose dirt and dust. For deeper cleaning, pre-treat any stains or spots with a carpet cleaner or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Also, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions or go for laundry in Dubai to avoid damaging your carpet.

Professional laundry in Dubai uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. This can be a great option for those who are concerned about the impact of traditional laundry methods on the environment. Professional laundry services can also offer specialized services, such as alterations, repairs, and even shoe cleaning. This can help you keep all of your clothing and accessories in top condition.

Dry cleaning services offer convenience and ease to those who need clothes cleaned and ironed on time. Before going for dry cleaning in Dubai, must check the consistency of the dry cleaner’s services and online Google reviews. Also, they should have a policy for accounting for any damages incurred, even if it is just a sock.