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Mobile and Web Development In 2022: 10 Biggest Challenges and Their Solutions

The web and mobile app development challenges would vary for organizations depending on the app’s niche, complexity, and others. In this blog, we will discuss the challenges which are faced during mobile app development and web app development services.

How Does Microsoft Financial Cloud Help Fintech Organizations Maximize Their Growth And ROI?

Are the benefits of the customized Microsoft solution for fintech organizations make you embrace technological change? If so, teaming up with the Microsoft consulting partner can help you with how Microsoft finance cloud is a good fit for your organization. When required, the certified Microsoft financial consultants explain the Microsoft financial cloud services in detail. Contact Us!

How Does Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing Help In Improving Customer Engagement?

If the Microsoft solutions that are accelerating modernization while delivering new connected experiences appeal to you, get connected with a reliable Microsoft partner for Microsoft consulting services to know-how solutions implementation enables your business to digitize the customer journey and uplift engagement levels.

Liferay Vs SharePoint - Which One Should You Pick? - AIMDek

Microsoft SharePoint and Liferay are two such platforms that have evolved in all aspects in the last decade with a laser focus on customer engagement, customer experience, customer satisfaction, and improved accessibility. Both platforms have gained an edge in the market with their specialties. Before taking a glance at the comparison between SharePoint and Liferay portals, let’s understand the portals in brief.

Top 8 Enterprise Content Management System to Consider In 2022

The enterprise content management software plays an integral role in managing content throughout its lifecycle. The data stored centrally in an organized way, well-maintained, highly secured and many more features. In this blog, we will cover 8 best enterprise content management systems for your business. Contact Us!

The Comprehensive Guide To Know Everything About Salesforce Marketing Cloud? | AIMDek Technologies

Presently, the most difficult thing for businesses is to strengthen relationships with customers while keeping them happy. Alas! It’s a hard nut to crack as modern customers have more control over business interactions. It increases the problem by manifolds. So, what businesses should do?

5 Reasons you Need a Reliable Partner for Salesforce - AIMDek

Salesforce CRM is the most reliable CRM software across the globe that businesses increasingly leverage and selecting proper salesforce partner is very important. This blog will cover the reasons why you need a reliable partner for Salesforce implementation. For more information, contact us.

Businesses making the digital move to keep their business offering alive and stand at the top of the customers’ minds. That’s where Salesforce CRM turned out as the world’s most renowned solution for diverse industry verticals irrespective of business size and type. Salesforce is a cloud computing and CRM solution that enable businesses better manage processes, optimize operations, improve workflow, and others.

How Microsoft Cloud Solutions Are Revolutionizing Healthcare Landscape? | AIMDek Technologies

While emerging technology trends continue to transform the healthcare industry, the sudden, unexpected impact of Covid-19 has pushed the healthcare space to go digital to address the healthcare challenges.

What is a QA process, and the challenges in the traditional QA process and 8 ways like start early, to check the testing scope, leveraging test design technique, test time activities, test planning and more and optimism the QA strategy get to know all this from this blog.

Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools That You Should Know | AIMDek Technologies

Cross-browser testing is a big headache for software testers to ensure websites and web apps work across the maximum number of web browsers. Faulty cross-browser testing becomes one of the reasons for website failure that even impacts the website performance and ultimately business success.

Top 10 Practices For Android Mobile App Testing In 2022 - AIMDek

The problem is not that testing is the bottleneck. The problem is that you don’t know what’s in the bottle. That’s a problem that software testing and software quality assurance address. — Michael Bolton, author of “Rapid Software Testing”.

How Can Manufacturing Cloud Help Manufacturing Companies Succeed?

Microsoft cloud for manufacturing is a one-stop shop to serve all the manufacturers’ needs from process automation to employee empowerment. Its features brought a wide spectrum of benefits to manufacturing businesses that are beyond explanation in one blog. Contact us for more.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using Salesforce Financial Cloud For Banking And Financial Institutions?

The CRM that’s most popular in the BFSI industry is the Salesforce financial cloud which helps financial service providers perform to the notch with complete visibility into customers’ profiles and every activity. It enables financial organizations to keep customers at the heart of everything they do from marketing and sales to new product design. Let’s understand the Salesforce solution for BFSI and its benefits in detail.

How is Salesforce Health Cloud Revolutionizing Patient Care? - AIMDek

Salesforce health cloud is a powerful solution to connect all the data sources, analyze data digitally, and streamline the information exchange between two parties thereby closing the communication gap that leads to improved doctor-patient interaction and care delivery. Let’s understand how Salesforce health cloud benefits the healthcare industry from different angles. Contact us for more.

Why Is Low Code Automation Testing Taking Great Strides In The Testing Space?

Nowadays, every business taking digital transformation and the need for modern software has ramped up after the latest pandemic.However, all businesses don’t have technology experts on the team that can help with software development.So, In this blog, we will discuss low-code automation testing benefits, tools, and much more. For more information, contact our software testing experts NOW.

7 Ways Salesforce Consulting Services Drive Business Growth - AIMDek

The significant growth in salesforce adoption indicates that salesforce CRM is helping organizations to grow boundlessly while addressing their industry-specific challenges. Salesforce consultants are adept at how to deal with business problems using salesforce CRM. In this blog, you will explore how various businesses can achieve success with the help of salesforce. For more information, contact us.

The Future Of E-Commerce Is With Cloud - AIMDek

In ECommerce industry, addressing the users’ evolving needs and expectations has become all-imperative to survive and thrive in the competitive landscape. Otherwise, it potentially impacts sales and revenue as customers take no time in moving to another store.In this blog, we will discuss the solutions from Salesforce for the retail industry would help retailers acquire and engage customers at scale. Being a leading salesforce consultant, AIMDek can help you to achieve your goal. Contact Us NOW.

Optimizing Your Business’s Performance With A Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Improve your business with a dedicated Salesforce Managed Services Provider. Our team of experts provides reliable, cost-effective implementation and support, to ensure your business is running optimally. Get in touch to learn more.