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Updated by on Apr 12, 2022
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10 Personal Finance Books You Should Read For A Better Life

Here are 10 personal finance books you should consider adding to your library if you want expert tips on saving money and building wealth.


The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Roadmap to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life

JL Collins’ book doesn’t shy away or fall short of practical advice on investing. Even some of the most complicated financial aspects are also included in this reading.

With rave reviews, it’s considered a quintessential guide for investors as well as individuals who wish to retire early. Without a doubt, this one will help you understand some of the most complicated financial concepts.


The Automatic Millionaire

The book is the best overall finance guide as it has just one motto, i.e. to automate your finances. It’s the perfect personal finance book that teaches you how to build your wealth. The book has it all from paying off debt to saving, this is a must-read that’ll help you understand finance at large.


Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence

“Financial Independence” is written all over this one as this finance book offers a 368 page long financial guide on how you can become financially independent. With the right investment choices to the mindset, this book offers easy to follow steps if you wish to retire early and want to achieve long-term stability with an effective personal finance system.


I Will Teach You to Be Rich

This book strikes a balance and can be read by both mature and young individuals. This six-week guide teaches you how to make a financial plan, strategize it with your money, and set up structures to build that wealth.


Broke Millennial Takes on Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to Leveling Up Your Money

The ‘Broke Millennial’ series has made quite a name for itself in the financial sphere and for good reasons. The second book in this series offers fantastic investing tips, therefore, being a compulsory reading for new professionals.


The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money

The book has to offer a lot on how to manage your money, and the author Chelsea Fagan tells it from her financial experience and other money experts. Not just budgeting and investing but the readers also learn about budgeting, debt repayment, saving for retirement, mortgages, and lots more.


The Millionaire Next Door

Have you ever wondered how the wealthy got where they are today? This book penned by Thomas Stanley and William Danko is a quintessential guide on how you can begin your wealth-building journey. It focuses on the seven standard characteristics that all wealthy personalities possess. For anyone young and who wants to get rich quickly, this finance work is a must-read.


The Richest Man in Babylon

Considered as a classic in personal finance, this George S. Clason read emphasizes more on saving rather than spending. Released in 1926, it remains in print largely today and is still popular because of how clearly it presents financial wisdom.

Based on principles such as living within your means, saving, and avoiding risky investments, the book also emphasizes charitable giving. Rest assured, the writer’s heart is in the right place and this is a good read to nurture your financial mind.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

One popular gem and for reasons, the book has sold over an astounding 40 million copies. This work was on the New York Times bestseller list for over 6 years. Rich Dad Poor Dad mainly highlights the differentiation on how the rich and the poor view money. It’s a good financial read to give you the boost, or well, to shape your perspective on personal finance.


How to Make Your Money Last

Crucially, it’s important to invest in your 60s, and this book is a special read for anyone nearing or already in their retirement age. A straightforward read, it’s a go-to guide on how to manage home equity or savings.