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SEO Keyword Research : Resources and Tools

This list contains a list of cool resources to help with researching keywords for SEO purposes.

Keyword suggestion tool - Google suggest scraper - Übersuggest

Get thousands keywords ideas in a minute with this amazing keyword suggestion tool: Übersuggest is Google Suggest on steroids!

SEO: The Free Beginner's Guide from Moz

It all begins with words typed into a search box. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the "right" keywords can make or break your website.

Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to build and expand on your keyword lists using a familiar Microsoft Office Excel interface, and it enables you to easily gauge the performance of relevant keywords on the Yahoo! Bing Network. Apply these insights to improve your keyword selection and campaign performance.

Google Trends

Explore trending search topics with Google Hot Searches.

The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

It is my honor and privilege today to introduce the brand new version of The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet. This free and downloadable cheat sheet covers all of the important SEO code and best practices that are needed by online marketers and developers.

Latent Semantic Indexing

What is Latent Semantic Indexing? LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a complicated term with a simple explanation. The main concept behind Latent Semantic Indexing is to discover words and phrases that are related in the context of any document or group of documents.

Source Code Search - NerdyData

We index the HTML, Javascript, CSS, and plaintext of hundreds of million pages. Give us any keyword or code snippet, and we'll return you a list of websites that contain it.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is like a workshop for building new Search Network campaigns or expanding existing ones. You can search for keyword and ad group ideas, see how a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together. A free AdWords tool, Keyword Planner can also help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns.

An Introduction to Keyword Research Using Free Tools

I often find that keyword research is an overlooked part of the SEO process. Many SEOs will tend to stick with using Google's Adwords Keyword Tool and as a result, they will most likely be targeting the exact same keywords as the competition.

Long Tail Pro: The Definitive Keyword Research Tool

Want better results with SEO? Make your keyword research quick, simple, complete, and effective so you can get focus on the rest of your business.

Keyword Density Tool

Return to David Naylor Search Marketing David Naylor Keyword Density

Merge Words - Combine keywords tool for SEO, PPC and link building

Tired of creating repetitive combinations of keywords? Use the Merge Words tool and combine sets of words automatically. For PPC, domain registrations, etc

Long-Tail Keyword Research on Deadlines - How to Find Hot Phrases on the Fly

If you aren't targeting long-tail keyword phrases with your content, you're missing out on rankings, traffic, and leads. However, doing keyword research can seem a daunting task - especially if you're on a tight deadline. In this article I'll give you simple tips and techniques for finding hot keyword phrases on the fly.

SEO Copywriting - 10 Tips for Writing Content that Ranks in 2013 (Infographic)

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization. But with all the algorithm updates Google has pushed in recent years, a lot of the old tricks and best practices don't work anymore. Moreover, it's really hard to keep track of what does work.

Top Keyword Research Tools 2013 - 2014: best keyword research tools for niche marketers

Top Keyword Research Tools 2013 - 2014: best keyword research tools for niche marketers

Actionable Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Actionable Content Rating "​Keyword Research." Two words that define many online marketer's lives before they embark on a long, perilous adventure to internet riches. It makes some people cringe at the thought of spending long, arduous ​in front of the computer doing the same boring tasks over and over again.

Best Free SEO Tools You Must Try to Save your Google Ranks

So, here I will list down the top 8 best free SEO tools you must try. That will help you to keep the wheels rotating.

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