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Urban Ayush - Best Ayurvedic Products for all types of Medical Treatment | 100% Organic Products

Get 100% ayurvedic products for all types of medical ill treatment without any harmful effects. Benefits from organic products such as piles treatment, immunity booster, sexual treatment, stress & anxiety relief etc.

Gurukul Kasisadi Tail | Ayurvedic Treatment for Pi

Product highlights Helps in the treatment of piles, corns, and warts Helps to reduce pain and itching in hemorrhoids and warts Reduces pain and bleeding due to piles Softens the hemorrhoids, corns, and warts.

Gurukul Sarasvataristh | Ayurvedic Medicine to Improve Eyesight - Urban Ayush

Product highlights It is full of anti-aging herbs and is good for people of all ages. It may also be used for the treatment of depression and anxiety. It is also useful in nerve inflammation, neuralgia, and neuropathy.

Gurukul Maharasnadi Kwath | Ayurvedic Pain Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders - Urban Ayush

Product highlights It helps to treat pain in joints. It may help in uterine and vaginal diseases. It may also help in improving the appetite.

Gurukul Musli Pak | Increase Strength & Immunity | Boost Endurance - Urban Ayush

Product highlights Helps in premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction May be helpful in low sperm count, semen volume and low fertility Helpful to Increase strength, energy and vitality in the body Nurtures the reproductive system Acts as nervine tonic, vitalizer and stimulant Acts as a energy booster and strengthens immunity

Gurukul Mahanarayan Tail | Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain - Urban Ayush

Product highlights Full of demulcent and emollient action Used in rheumatic pain, paralysis and gout Provides relief from joint pain, backaches, muscle aches etc

Gurukul Arogya Vardhani Vati | Ayurvedic Medicine for Skin Disorders | Improve Blood Purification & Digestion - Urban...

Product highlights Helps in the treatment of various skin diseases Helps in weight loss Helps in the purification of blood Helps in indigestion, constipation and other issues related to stomach

Gurukul Panchamrit Aasav | Ayurvedic Syrup to Increase Appetizer - Urban Ayush

Product highlights Helps restore the loss of appetite Prevents the occurrence of anaemia Useful in preventing abdominal pain due to gastritis Protects against liver and spleen disorders

Gurukul Brahmi Rasayan | Ayurvedic Medicine for Mental Stress - Urban Ayush

Product highlights Is a natural remedy for stress and chronic tiredness. Improves intelligence, memory and immune power. It is a good rejuvenator and anti-ageing formula which also acts as an antioxidant. Reduces degenerative process of cells. It improves memory and strengthens the body.

Gurukul Chandraparbha Vati | Ayurvedic Products for Premature Ejaculation - Urban Ayush

Product highlights Ayurvedic remedy for various urinary tract and kidney ailments Beneficial in preventing nightfall Regulates the normal functioning of the pancreas, thyroid and digestive system Special ingredients help boost immunity

Gurukul Mahabhringraj Tail | Hair Strength & Growth Treatment - Urban Ayush

Product highlights It improves hair strength and promotes hair growth. It is useful in treating headache, ear ache, diseases of ear, nose and eyes. It is also useful in the treatment of Alopacia and premature baldness. It is useful in grey hair and split hair problems. It is useful in Itching in scalp. It is useful in Sleeplessness. It is useful in Head ache.