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Top Legal Consultants in UAE - Professional Lawyer

After qualifying as a lawyer in his native Egypt within the fields of Criminal and Public Law, Dr. Mohsen Elhais has been practicing as a Legal Consultant in Dubai.

Fundamentals of Juvenile Law in the UAE

The federal law number 3 of 2016 on child rights (also known as the 'Wadeema law' or 'UAE child protection law') was enacted in the UAE to ensure that all children in the UAE, irrespective of whether they are citizens, residents or tourists are accorded the right to life, education, protection from neglect as well as all forms of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or psychological.

What's New Copycat? Poking Around Dubai's Artful Imitators

Trademarks are design either a letter or an image, which signifies identity of a company or a product. On this article from Al Arabiya news, Dr. Hassan Elhais mentioned how UAE protects and recognizes importance of trademark for businesses.

Law on Family Matters for Expatriates living in the UAE: Part I

While dissolution of marriage is one aspect of personal law matters, questions regarding claims in a divorce, the custody and relocation of children and inheritance, which are governed by the UAE laws, are important considerations too. Read more.

Learn More on Procedures of Divorce in the UAE - Family Lawyers in Dubai

The term ‘family law’ in the UAE broadly refers to the Federal Law no. 28 of 2005 on ‘Personal Status’ and its amendments (‘Personal Status law’) which governs all aspects relating to the marriage, divorce, maintenance, child custody, succession and guardianship matters concerning both UAE nationals and residents. The personal status law is in turn guided by the Islamic principles of Sharia and its traditions. Read more.

The New Laws Governing Family Matters for Non-Muslims in the UAE

The UAE has Issued a Civil Personal Status Law for non-Muslims at the Federal Level. The New Federal Law comes after the effective application of a non-Muslims Personal Status Law existing in Abu Dhabi. This New Federal Law has introduced changes in personal status matters for non-Muslims in matters related to family guidance mediation, rights between the parties in relation to testimony, inheritance, divorce, custody. Read more.

What You Need To Know About Guardianship In The UAE?

Under the UAE Personal Status Law, a custodian and a guardian are two different concepts. A custodian is an individual who takes care of the child on a day-to-day basis and has physical custody of the child. On the other hand, a guardian is an individual who is responsible for providing financial support, taking care of education, travel and general upbringing of the children. Read to know more.

Explained: What to Do If Your Bank Account Has Been Scammed in the UAE?

Online fraud is increasing day by day, with bank accounts also being scammed in the UAE. In this connection, the Government of UAE has issued a new law called the Federal Decree Law No. 34 of 2021 Concerning the Fight Against Rumors and Cybercrime (New Cybercrime Law). Click here to know more.

What is The Difference Between a Bribe and Blackmailing?

Bribe and blackmail are not the same but they are usually confused with each other. Bribe involves offering consideration in exchange for a public or private official's committing a crime, or accepting a bribe and then delivering it to another person who is given the power or benefit of that transaction.

Restraining Orders and Jail Terms of Domestic Violence in the UAE

The issue of domestic violence is universal, and the UAE has taken bold steps to combat this issue. In this connection, the Federal Decree-Law No. 10/2019 On the Protection from Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence Law) has been issued to fight against domestic violence, protect privacy of life and correct behaviors which are harmful to the family. Read more.

Online Sales and Ecommerce in the UAE

Electronic transactions, or e-commerce, are rapidly increasing in popularity as a way to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this article, we will address key considerations for engaging in e-commerce in the UAE.

What Are The Updates of Traffic Fines in the UAE?

If you are driving a car in the UAE, you must abide by the traffic rules at all times. The UAE law on traffic, Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 sets out the rights and obligations of the drivers, the traffic rules to be followed and other related matters. Read more to understand the law.

How Does the Extradition Process Work for Criminal Matters?

The extradition process can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when facing criminal charges. In this article, we break down how the process works and provide guidance on how to navigate it with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Click here to learn more.

How Do You Close or do a Transaction in a Deceased Family Members Bank Account Without a Will or Probate?

Once an individual resident in the UAE passes away without a will, the laws of the UAE would be applicable on the distribution of the deceased’s assets, including his bank accounts. Generally, access to the bank accounts become restricted on the death of the individual, with the bank freezing the accounts when it becomes aware of the individual’s death. The monies inside the bank account cannot be dealt with or transferred without the orders of the courts. Read this article to know more.

What is Joint Custody of Children after Divorce in the UAE Law?

Under the UAE Personal Status Law, there is no specific concept of joint custody and according to Article 146 of the UAE Personal Status Law, the mother has the first right to be a custodian, followed by the father. Read this article to know more.

How Are Cases Brought Into the Juvenile Justice System in the UAE?

Learn about the process for bringing cases into the juvenile justice system in this informative article by Dr. Hassan Elhais. From initial referral to court involvement, this overview covers the key steps and factors involved in determining the handling of juvenile cases.

Protecting Children's Rights: An Overview of Child Protection Law in UAE

Child protection law in UAE is an essential aspect of family law that ensures the rights and welfare of children are upheld. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the legal frameworks and regulations in place to protect children in UAE. From understanding the legal definition of a child to the rights and responsibilities of parents and legal guardians, this article covers all you need to know to ensure children are protected under UAE law.

Understanding the Legal Penalties for Abortion in the UAE

This is an article that discusses the legal penalties for abortion in the United Arab Emirates. The article explains that, under UAE law, abortion is illegal and punishable by imprisonment and fines. The penalties for abortion in the UAE can vary depending on the circumstances of the case, but can include prison sentences of up to 10 years and fines of up to AED 100,000. The article also notes that individuals who assist in an abortion can also be held liable for their actions.

Understand Theft Laws in the UAE with Professional Lawyer

If you're facing theft charges in the UAE, it's important to understand the specific laws and penalties associated with the crime. Our blog on criminal law offers a detailed overview of theft in the UAE, including the different types of theft, the potential consequences, and ways to defend yourself. Learn more and stay informed with Professional Lawyer.