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9 Tips to Follow Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most used space in your house. Hence, you need to keep this space organized so that you can work efficiently without any hassles. If you think your kitchen is not functional anymore and it has lost its aesthetics then you can think about remodeling this space. However, you need to take the help of a professional and experienced contractor if you want to build your dream kitchen.

You can choose San Jose kitchen remodelers Esperto Builders if you want to have a hassle-free kitchen remodeling service in San Jose. Our experts will make you learn about the basics of kitchen remodeling. If you are confused about the paint colors, material of the cabinets, and flooring then we will guide you with amazing ideas to give your kitchen a modern yet beautiful look. But before remodeling your kitchen you need to know how you can prepare yourself so that you do not face any hassles during the renovation process. This will also ensure your expensive kitchen items do not get damaged in the process.


Arrange the supplies

The first step to remodeling your kitchen would be to sort out all the kitchen items so that you can pack them safely and separately. This will also ensure that a lot of time and effort will be saved while rearranging the kitchen items after the kitchen renovation. However, you have to arrange the storage boxes to pack your kitchen essentials safely. You need to arrange different boxes of different sizes as per the kitchen items and appliances available in your house.


Separate the essential kitchen items

You need to separate the kitchen items and categorize them so that it will be easy to store all the items systematically. You can set aside the things you will need daily so that you can keep them for your use. You can pack the rest of the things that you will not use during the renovation process. This will also help organize all the essential items in the temporary kitchen set-up that you have to do until the renovation finishes.


A temporary kitchen set-up

You can set up a temporary kitchen in your home so that you can use it when the renovation is going on. Keep the appliances that you are necessary and that can be used comfortably in the mini kitchen set-up. The essential kitchen items like the gas stove, the cookware, and the cutlery can be kept in the temporary set-up, and the rest can be packed safely so that they will not occupy the small kitchen set-up unnecessarily. You can also store the essential pantry items in this space.


Arrange the disposable cups and plates

While the renovation is going on you can use disposable cups and plates to minimize the usage of kitchen utensils. During the renovation, you will not have access to your kitchen and hence cleaning up so many utensils can be a hectic task. So, we recommend you arrange the disposable items to reduce the usage of kitchen items.


Pack food items systematically

You can pack the food thoughtfully so that you can easily find it when you are working in the temporary kitchen set-up. You can pack snacks in separate storage boxes so that you can use them when you want. Pack the other essential food items in safe storage packaging so that insects do not enter inside to contaminate the food items.


Discard the clutter

When you sort out the kitchen items you will find that there are some broken items or old utensils that are creating clutter in your kitchen. Hence, you need to discard these items so that you can create more space for the essential items in your kitchen. Clearing up the kitchen items will also ensure that your kitchen gets rid of the items that have lost their aesthetics. Your kitchen will also look organized after you clear all the clutter from the kitchen.  


Carefully pack the valuable items

If you love to collect valuable and antique kitchen accessories then you need to be very careful while handling and storing them. They might get damaged if you do not take utmost care while handling them during the renovation process. You can use foam or bubble wrapping to ensure your glass and fragile items remain safe when you pack them. Moreover, you can pack all your valuable items in a separate storage bag and keep them out of reach of children to ensure they remain safe until the renovation finishes.


Remove the wall décor and lights and place them in a safe place

If you have decorated your kitchen walls with decorative items then you need to remove them and pack them safely to facilitate the fast work process. You also need to store the expensive lights that you have installed in your kitchen. They are valuable and fragile at the same time. So, you need to take special care while handling these items.


Keep away your children and pets from the renovation site

When the renovation process is going on, you need to keep your children and pets away from the site so that they do not get harmed due to the dust and debris that accumulates during a kitchen renovation process. This will also enable the workers to do their job without any hassles.