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Updated by Jackson Middleton on Jul 23, 2020
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Week 35 | Canadian Personal Finance News

Here is a list of all the best news stories and blog posts in Canada released this week dealing with Personal Finance in Canada. Use #CDNFinance to search social sites for more conversation.


Early vs. Delayed Retirement: Which Path Is Harder? | Len

(I realize it's an American blog. But the thinking is universal) Not too long ago, I was driving my family along the foothills of Southern California, at the base of the magnificent San Gabriel mountains. Believe it or not, the San Gabriels top out at over 10,000 feet; and while the panorama from the top of Mount Baldy is stunning, I think the view from the base of the range is arguably even more impressive as you cast your eyes up its steep and craggy face.

The minimalist's guide to personal finance | Financial Post

Let me start by saying that my father would be very disappointed in this piece - expecting maximum results from minimal work. But no one is saying that you can become a master of your finances the lazy way; that's like saying you can get healthy by doing a few sit-ups a week.

Retirement in 90 seconds | Moneysense

We've created a 6-step plan to help get you there faster.

The Screaming Ninjas Are Coming | Spring (the blog)

Money nerd. Ex-banker. Fee only financial planner. Wary of banks, brokers, the financial industrial complex.

How to get the biggest bang for your buck from your RESP | Financial Post

It seems like everywhere you look these days, there's a back-to-school sale. Frankly, I'm somewhat skeptical as to whether returning students actually need a new home-theatre system to succeed, but electronics retailer Best Buy, in an online ad, claims that "Studies show great sound improves GPA."

Will mutual fund advisers soon be selling ETFs? | Moneysense

Current issue: There are many reasons why relatively few Canadian investors use ETFs compared with actively managed mutual funds. There's about $900 billion in mutual funds in this country, while ETF assets total about $60 billion-just over 6% of the total.

What university students need to know about credit cards | Globe and Mail

Reprinted by permission of the authors, Kyle Prevost & Justin Bouchard, from More Money For Beer and Textbooks. Copyright©2013 by Young and Thrifty Publications. If you have ever been to a post-secondary campus during the first two weeks of the fall semester, you've probably noticed the attractive displays and booths set up by credit-card distributors.

Week 35 | Canadian Personal Finance News | First Foundation

Week 35 | Canadian Personal Finance News - a list of all the most relevant news and blog posts on personal finance in Canada released this week.

Canadian Personal Finance - Community | Google+

Welcome to our public community dedicated to smart conversation around finances in Canada. Please read our community guidelines before posting on the wall. Our community objective is to share information around smart household finance in Canada with specific content including budgeting, money management, investments and fee-only financial planning.

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