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FAQs about knives and blades for carpeting and flooring

Floor cutting tools which are displayed on this page are universal and fit perfect for cutting for example carpet, vinyl, linoleum floor coverings, insulation, drywall, roofing felt and more. Utility spare blades and razor blades all have a razor sharp edge for precision cutting.

Knives & Blades for flooring |Utility tools| Sollex

Buy utility knives & blades for flooring: dolphin knife, holster, trimming knife, carpet cutters. Sollex has hook and many other spare blades in stock

Dolphin knife 1280 | Knives & Blades | Sollex

Sollex Delphin Knife is original and comes with the special holster in plastic for safe keeping. The flooring knife is available in two other colors, blue (1280B) and black (1280S). With a hook blade in one knife and a straight blade in another, you'll work quick and easy because you won't have to switch between blades and can easily keep track of which blade sitting in the various knife.

Suitable for:

  • Carpet
  • Linoleum floors
  • Plastic carpet
  • Tough materials
➤ Hook blade PRO titan ❘ Sollex

For professionals with the highest demands on durability and cutting performance. The blades are advantageously used to cut carpet joints. Optimized for cutting linoleum and carpeting. Packaged in a sturdy aluminum enclosure for maximum protection. Sollex pro titanium is adapted for Sollex dolphin knife (1280) but also fits in Sollex construction knife (2000). The blade is also available without titanium coating (10P).

Mozart Weld Rod Trimmer + blade and spacer claw 0.5mm ❘ Sollex

The trimming knife is ergonomically designed. Clean, safe cut without damaging the flooring material. Can be used with one hand. Gentle on the back. MOZART‘s trimming blade is interchangeable. Accurate, industrially manufactured but reasonably-priced blades mean you never have to sharpen blades again. The optimum remaining height of this weld rod to provide the ideal trimming cut will depend on the way it is cut, the type of floor covering and the type of weld rod or wire used.

Snap-off blade Mozart 18mm 10pcs ❘ Sollex

Mozart's large break-away blades are suitable when long durability is required. They are optimized for cutting demanding carpets such as linoleum or slip-resistant carpets. The blades fit most large break-away knives on the market, among others Sollex snap-off knive (5180). For snap-off blades with higher performance and longer durability, Sollex recommends large snap-off blades pro (180P) or with a titanium coating on the edge (180L).

Snap-off blade titanium 18mm 10 pcs ❘ Sollex

Sollex snap-off blades titanium has an extra sharp, double-milled edge that is protected by a titanium coating. An example of application is fine cuts in polymeric materials where the blade's sharpness and durability is taken advantage of to a maximum. The titanium coating ensures that the blades remain sharp for a longer time. Thus, the blades are appropriate for professional users with highest demands on quality and durability. Fits most large snap-off knives on the market

Snap-off knife 18mm PRO NT Cutter L-2000RP | Sollex

NT Cutter Universal knife L-2000RP with blade fixing screw. Heavy Duty knife. Associated blade 180P. Top quality Japanese utility knives
Large heavy-duty snap-off knife in metal, that has a screw for fixating the blade. Smart design with space for 6 blades inside the knife.
The knife is a bestseller for all warehouses and craftsmen who use a lot of knives.

Suitable for:

  • Cardboard box
  • Paper
  • Plastic film
  • Foam
  • Boxes
  • Film
  • Gypsum
  • Carpets
Utility knife blade PRO titan 975PT10pcs ❘ Sollex

Titanium coated utility blade in carbon steel optimized for cutting linoleum and carpet. For the professional floorer who has high demands on performance and durability. Fits Sollex flooring knife (1280) as well as most knives on the market.

Suitable for:

  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • Flooring

59 x 18.9 x 0.65mm

Utility blade short straight pro titan (10pcs)

Short utility blade for flooring professionals. The blade is made from carbon steel, and is double milled. Utility blade pro titan is best used for cutting linoleum, carpeting, and other tough materials. Sollex Pro Titan are adapted for use with Sollex Dolphin knife (1280) and are developed for professional with the highest requirements on sharpness and durability.

Utility knife MOZART S2 | Sollex

Mozart Knife - Universal Trimming knife S2 - based on original legendary "Schiller" knife
Universal trimming knife S2 from Mozart has a compact design and premium rubber handle coating for superb feel and grip. With help from a magnet the blade change is simple, and tool-free. Extra firm blade hold. Internal housing for up to 10 blades.

Suitable for:

  • Cutting most materials