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Why is UI/UX Design Important For Brand Building? - SynergyTop

Consistently investing in branding can lead to a 23% increase in revenue.

Also, companies with stronger branding have seen a 43% drop in their hiring costs

WordPress Website Security 101 – The Complete Guide - SynergyTop

Research suggests that there are almost 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites, every minute.

Another study found 3,972 known vulnerabilities in WordPress.

And 90% of all websites hacked in 2019 were run on WordPress.

4 Ways Healthcare LMS Can Help Medical Organizations - SynergyTop

Learning and training are extremely important for hospitals, medical institutions, and individual medical practitioners. It is the only way they can improve patient care and stay competitive in their niche.

With the advancement in the latest technologies, and the pandemic popularizing learning management systems

10 Must-Haves For A Successful Business Website - SynergyTop

75% of customers admit that they judge a company’s credibility based on its website’s design. That means unless you have a well-designed website, your chances of creating a positive impression on your audience are slim.

But how do you do that? Is there a recipe for developing a successful business website?

Want To Get A Business Mobile App Developed? Here’s Your Kickstarter Guide - SynergyTop

By 2025, mobile apps are expected to generate $613 billion in revenue. Without a mobile app for your business, you are losing out on a slice of the pie.

With a business mobile application

How To Create A High-Performing and Quick-Loading Business Website? | SynergyTop

Website users judge a website in about 0.05 seconds. So that’s exactly the amount of time you have for creating a perfect impression on your website users and turning the audience into potential long-term clients.

That sounds close to impossible, right? Well, it isn’t. With a high-performing and quick-loading website

A Business Owner’s Guide To SOC2 And HIPAA-Compliant Web Development - SynergyTop

Consumers all across the globe are becoming conscious of their data privacy rights. And attacks on data are also increasing. Businesses that have an online presence in the form of a website or business web application, need to stay more vigilant. How? By ensuring SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant website development. To learn more about the compliance norms and how you can get compliant web development services, check out our guide for business owners here:

Keeping Your Website Updated – Why and How | SynergyTop

Outdated websites are the number #1 reason behind hack attacks, poor website performance, and negative site ROIs. Keep your website updated by following our comprehensive guide for business owners.

Smart Search Functionality For eCommerce Websites – What, Why, and How? - SynergyTop

Amazon’s conversion rate increases 6X when people use their search bar.

For Walmart, conversion rates rise by 2.4X with search. And for Etsy, site search results in a 3X boost in conversions.

Are you ready to boost your eCommerce conversion rates with Smart Site Search functionality? Check out details about Smart Search and SynergyTop’s custom solution.

Hiring Mobile App Developers? Expert Tips That You Should Consider - SynergyTop

Finding the right mobile app developers is the key to getting the perfect mobile app developed for your business. Want tips from experts? We have the complete guide right here.

Data-backed Answers To Your Most Common Mobile App Development Questions | SynergyTop

Indecisive about getting a mobile app developed *for your business? Here are the most important *mobile app development statistics that you need to know to make data-backed decisions.

Latest In The World Of SEO: Google’s NEW “Helpful Content” Algorithm Update. Everything You Need To Know | SynergyTop

News Alert: Google has announced that its new Helpful Content Algorithm Update will roll out soon. The update is going to affect low-quality content written primarily for search engines. Learn more about the update and how you can avoid negative impact here -

SEO-Friendly Website Design – The Complete Playbook | SynergyTop

The SEO + Design Playbook that you absolutely need. The guide talks about how website design affects SEO and how to create an SEO-friendly website design that search engine crawlers and users both love.

Mobile App Monetization – 8 Ways To Make Money From Your App | SynergyTop

Want to make money with your mobile app? But don’t have a product/service to sell? Don’t worry. Here are** 8 other ways of mobile app monetization** that you can choose.

Did you know that you could *boost your website conversion rate *by changing the colors on your website? Well, big brands like HubSpot, for example, have seen a 30+% of conversion boost by changing the color of their CTAs. You can achieve similar results as well by leveraging color psychology.

Designing A Website For Your Renewable Energy Business – 5 Factors To Consider | SynergyTop

If your website is missing any of these elements, consider getting your site revamped.

Have questions? Want to share more vital elements for websites in the renewable energy niche? Get the conversation started in the comments!

Local SEO Best Practices To Drive In Real Traffic | SynergyTop

Do you have a physical storefront? Do you think SEO isn’t for you? Well, you are mistaken. Local search engine optimization can help you drive in real traffic to your storefront. How? If you follow the local SEO best practices.

Is Flutter The Right Tech Choice For Your Startup? - SynergyTop

machnFlutter is a leading cross-platform technology that can help you develop not just Android and iOS mobile apps but also websites/web apps for your business. And while every business can benefit from using Flutter, startups have the most to gain. How? Learn why Flutter is the right tech choice for your startup.

Shopify vs. WooCommerce – Comparing the leading eCommerce Platforms - SynergyTop

Shopify and WooCommerce are among the most popular eCommerce development platforms in the market today. And while both have ardent fans and loyal advocates, it can get tough for business owners to decide which one is more suitable for their needs.

To ease your predicament here’s a detailed comparison of the two platforms, which will help you pick the more suitable one for your business needs.

MVP Development For Your Business – Cost, Process, Timeline & More | SynergyTop

Imagine if you could text your product with real users before going all in. Well, a minimum viable product (MVP) helps you do that and more. Learn everything about MVPs, what they mean, the process of MVP development, timelines, cost, and more.

Monitoring The Performance Of Your Business Website – Why and How | SynergyTop

Built a website for your business? Great. But is the website performing well? You’ll only be able to find that out when you keep monitoring your website’s performance. Wondering what metrics to consider?

Top 3 Web Technologies To Use For Your Business | SynergyTop

There are plenty of old as well as emerging web technologies in the marketing today. But which are the best picks for your business in 2023?

Hiring Oracle Consultants – The Complete Guide | SynergyTop

Ready to leverage Oracle for your business? The next step is to hire Oracle consultants. How? Here’s the guide to help you get started and hire the right team

Business Website Security in 2023 – 5 Threats To Avoid | SynergyTop

You don’t share your OTPs and stay safe digitally, right? But don’t forget to keep your website safe too. Here are some expert-recommended website security best practices that you should follow in 2023 to stay safe from digital dangers

Top Technology Trends For 2023 And Beyond | SynergyTop

Trends in the tech world come and go often. But which trends should businesses adopt? Find out the most valuable technology trends of 2023 that you can invest in and bank on