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Blockchain resources hub

Everything you need to know about blockchain, web 3 development, NFT, crypto, defi, DAO, Metaverse and much more. You can bookmark this list and stay updated with more news in coming days.


What is gameFi? How it works?

GameFi refers to Play-To-Earn blockchain games that provide economic incentives to players. Typically, players can earn cryptocurrency and Nft rewards by completing tasks. Gamefi has been popular since the rise of Axie Infinity. It attracts gamers, enabling them to make money while having fun.

E-commerce blockchain solutions | Blockchain e-commerce marketplace development - Hivelance

Blockchain driven E-commerce have bought into existence the way of payments proceesing in which blockchain makes the online payments. Ethereum e commerce website development serves a millions of people with high security. Pave your way of E-commerce for your transactions with Hivelance.

Nft marketplace development cost | White Label solution from Hivelance

NFT art is the non-fungible tokens that represent the art that are minted digitally using ethereum or other blockchain technology. NFT art is gaining popularity these days due to the sudden interest of people towards digital ownership. Overall about $173 million has been spent on the NFT art buying and selling since 2017. It is expected to reach its peak in the near future.

ICO vs IEO vs IDO Explained

Detailed explanation of what is ICO, What is IEO, What is IDO in simplified form. If you need a visual explanation on how these ICO, IEO, IDO models work? Go through the video here.

Is Metaverse the newest destination for marriages?

Due to several reasons like social distancing, crowd gathering and several impacts of the disease, people jumped into the latest highly in trend metaverse marriages. Metaverse marriages implicate us that it is the creation of a virtual platform designed by skilled developers.

Mokens league raises $2Mn Funding!

E-Sports players all around the world are thrilled to hear the news that Mokens league is getting $2mn seed funding to develop its gaming modules, updating its gaming servers, and for other essential developments.

NFT Marketplace development for Music | NFT music marketplace solutions

Hivelance Technologies is one of the leading NFT music marketplace development companies with excellent client portfolios. Our NFT development team design a viable platform for NFT music and design your existing marketplace that adapts to various kinds of activities.

Binance Revenue model revealed

Coming to the initial stage, there were only 5 primary business models. But as of now, Binance is earning through multiple revenue streams like NFT, Derivatives, DEX, Institutional & VIP services, Cloud, Launchpad platforms and Broker programs.

DeFi Development company | DeFi solutions

Hivelance, a trusted defi development company extending its decentralized finance development services to help entrepreneurs get started with defi business.

Business opportunities & use cases of Metaverse

Metaverse is coming much faster than we expected. It seems obvious many business opportunities will open in the metaverse era. We will discuss metaverse business opportunities and use cases in detail.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Architecture Explained

You can now figure out the crypto exchange backend and front end in terms of functionality and technology stack. We can show you a detailed demonstration on crypto exchange architecture if interested.

PancakeSwap Clone Script | Pancake Swap Clone Software

PancakeSwap Clone Script is a 100% ready-to-use decentralized exchange clone script that works similar to PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain.

Defi lending and borrowing platform development company

We(Hivelance) are the renowned defi lending and borrowing development company offering the most innovative Defi solutions. Our Blockchain Developers provide the best services to start your Defi Lending/Borrowing project

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Are you the kind of person with an idea to start up your own centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform? Here’s the infrastructure guidelines & tech specifications you need to know about.

Digital asset management platform development company

Digital asset management platform is the website or app which gives users access to their digital assets that are owned by them. Through the outstanding support we gave our clients, Hivelance have been called as a top digital asset management platform development company across overseas.

IPFS Blockchain Development | IPFS Blockchain integration

So if you are developing or planning for a web3 project, make IPFS integration as your first checklist. Hivelance as the blockchain solution enabler, helps in IPFS blockchain development for your web3 apps.

Top Billion Dollar Making Blockchain Business Ideas in 2023 | Blockchain Startup Ideas in 2023

Blockchain based startups have banked their revenue by solving the unsettled problems in the Internet space. If you are searching for the best blockchain business ideas to start with the year 2023? This blog is a must read for you. 

DAO Business Ideas in 2023 | DAO Usecases

In this blog, we are going to discuss the types of DAO business ideas one can start in the next year 2023.

NFT Development Company | End-to-End NFT Development Services

As the pioneer of NFT development services, we have emerged as the successful technical partner for many NFT marketplace projects at full scale. Through our constant upgradation in the NFT domain and shaping our NFT skillsets, we accept any complex challenges in NFT development.