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INVIYA® is the only brand of spandex which is produced in the Indian sub-continent. We believe impeccable quality and on-time technical assistance for application development are the biggest assets a brand can have to ensure that their customers are always satisfied and their requirements are met on time, every time.

The Importance of Covered Elastane Yarn for Your Clothing Line - inviyaindoramaindustries

Spandex yarn is a kind of elastic fiber that is made from two different fibers. One of the most common types of spandex yarn is cotton spandex yarn which can be used for making stretchy garments like leggings, sports bras, and more.

How to Choose the Right Activewear Clothes for Winter Workout?

Workout clothes should make your workout better and look great too. Here some benefits of Spandex Activewear cloth and more information to read our blog.

Core Spun Yarn – Suppliers & Manufacturer in India

Analysis and finding high-quality Core Yarn spandex factories, suppliers, producers, wholesalers, and exporters in India and across the world.

Is Polyester Spandex Good For Hot Weather?

Is Polyester Good for Hot Weather? some polyester fabric can feel either cool or super hot and sticky in the summer. We are producing 100% Recycled Polyester spandex Fabric.

How Can You Choose the Stretch Denim Jeans for Your Workout?

Incredibly soft and flexible Stretch Denim Jeans to add to your favorites. denim allows you to move from a workout to a night on the town and back again.

How To Choose The Right Summer Outfits In Activewear?

A stylish summer Spandex activewear outfit is important, even if you are working out. Here are some workout outfits ideas to help you.

Properties of Denim Fabric and How to Care for It

Denim is created with clean cotton fibers blended into long lines. On the other hand, Denim fabric has the most remarkable properties that make the wearer look perfect and stylish.

Different Types of Fabrics in Spandex

Spandex is a type of synthetic nylon that is prized because of its elastane properties. Contrary to the popular belief, the term spandex does not have a trademark.

What Is the Wrapping Testing Method of Core Spun Yarn?

The spun yarn and the manufactured yarns are wound around because they are more grounded. The winding of the strings made out of core yarn is beneficial.

Is It Possible to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Leggings?

We are hot producing the 100% Recycled Polyester Fabric, 100% recycled nylon fabric. Recycled polyester-spandex fabric, recycled nylon spandex fabric.

Significance of Elastic Covered Yarn Used in Socks

The Covered Elastic Yarn is seldom utilized alone, and it stands often merged with another thread, regular or man-made, for making other clothes.

What Are the Properties of a Fiber to Cotton Yarn?

Cotton Stretch Yarn is the seed coat hairs, or trichomes, of the growing cottonseed, which differentiate from the epidermal cells. Most people cannot decide what to wear in which season.

What Is Best Knitting Yarn for Summer Workout?

For those of you who are devoted to Knitting Spandex Yarn, all you want to do this summer is probably shut yourself in your room with a pair of needles and a massive stash of yarn.

Which Types of Material Used to Make Sportswear?

Studies examine that the most common fiber for sportswear is the suggested Polyester Spandex Fabric. These offer the wearer high comfortable on their spot active and give more boost to force on their work compared with another fabric.

What are the Uses of Cotton Hosiery Clothes for Babies?

At the time of the summer, it is the preferred material for babies because of its fibre material. When it comes to wearing my baby, it gives freshness and comfort among the others. The Cotton Hosiery Yarn clothes avoid discomfort and may not produce any types of allergies.

What Type of Fabric Is Used for Tracksuit?

Polyester is the Activewear Fabric that makes you feel soft to wear. By comparing all the benefits, you need to choose. Athletics use spandex fabric which offers a high stretchability.

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The production of INVIYA® “The New Freedom FiberR” commenced with one thing in mind that is “FREEDOM of MOVEMENT”. Freedom to feel free and comfortable in what we wear and to break the restrictions laid on us by what we wear.