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Updated by longlivethetrisolaris on May 27, 2022
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10 Best LED Grow Light in 2022

For over 13 years, Mars Hydro creates the most cost-effective lighting solutions for growers and investors around the world, Mars Hydro has expertise in fast delivery and reliable led grow lights, with the goal of making indoor cultivations affordable, profitable, and enjoyable.

The best newbie LED grow light. First time user, or new to planting.

One of the best supplemental lighting, bountiful red light in the spectrum, very good for flowering.

If you grow in a big tent you gonna like it. Big size, no heat, nice ppfd footprint.

Samsung lm301b diodes equipped. like its super performance in any kind of crops.

Born for commercial cultivation with supplemental CO2 applications, FC8000 LED grow light supplies uniform PPFD averaging 1500μmol/m²/s, sufficient to activate 100% photosynthesis and obtain maximum yield at different CO2 concentrations.

TSW2000 is one of the best-selling LED grow lights in 2020 and 2021. As home-use LED grow lights, perfect lighting solutions for 4-8 plants. Affordable price, intuitive yields, and available dimmer and daisy chain function ensure its salability.

Mars Hydro Hydroline12 LED Hydroponics Growing System

Table Hydroponic Growth System: Soilless cultivation keeps your home as clean as new, 20% faster growth than Soil Planting, providing a completely different experience from soil cultivation.

SP150, a small single bar LED grow light, with substantial blue in spectra, is an optimal lighting solution for home-grow vegetables, lettuce, succulents..

I like the FC-E4800 best because I grow in a 4x4 grow tent. It has extreme power that my plants are like dancing in the sun. And it's cheaper than other same quality LEDs.

I mean my succulents and flycatchers like this light. They have never been this colorful till I use FC3000