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IT Security Wire

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IcedID Phishing Campaign Targets Exchange Servers

IcedID, the ever-evolving banking malware, is back with a phishing campaign that exploits previously compromised Microsoft Exchange servers to sends emails which appear to be from real accounts.

Log4JShell Vulnerability Exploited to Flood VMware Servers

Researchers have discovered three backdoors and four miners exploiting Log4Shell vulnerability, some of which are still active. The Log4Shell flaw is being used by a "horde" of miner bots and backdoors to take over vulnerable

Four Strategies for CISOs to Mitigate Social Engineering

As per a report from Verizon, most of the successful cybersecurity incidents involve social engineering. With threat actors continuing to advance their methodologies, CISOs should actively seek strategies that will enable them to effectively mitigate them.

Effectively Addressing Threats with Cloud Security Automation

Unpatched systems, phishing threats, and unauthorized cloud applications are all constant risks for enterprise security teams. One of the best ways to address these issues is via cloud security automation.

The Impact of the Great Resignation on Data Security

While employees are quitting in droves in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in search of better jobs, better pay, or a better work-life balance, or to pursue new interests, security leaders are under pressure to not only retain and hire new employees, but also to address the risk of data exfiltration.

Three Factors to Consider When Managing Shadow IT

Shadow IT has afflicted IT firms for decades, probably since the late 1970s, when VisiCalc debuted and made computing accessible to those outside the techie bubble, swiftly gaining traction as a significant business tool. This watershed moment ushered in a new age of innovation, as employees were now able to readily download and use more user-friendly software.

Organizations Still Struggle to Safeguard their Enterprise Digital Assets

A recent report from AppViewX revealed organizations are still not able to properly govern digital certificates exposing their organizations to greater risk. A recent report from AppViewX revealed organizations are still not able to properly govern digital certificates exposing their organizations to greater risk.

How CISOs Can Reduce the Risk of Ransomware to OT Network

With the rise of digital transformation and remote work practices, the cybersecurity infrastructure has been put to the test and stressed like never before.

Cybersecurity in 2022 - The Need for Next-Generation E-Mail Security

Email is still one of the most popular ways to communicate, both privately and professionally. A single targeted email attack on a single endpoint, however, can quickly spread to additional devices and servers, knocking the entire corporate network down.

Four Key Success Elements of Proactive Threat Hunting

As hackers and cyber threats work to improve their stealth, threat hunting techniques are becoming increasingly important. As a result, it is critical for businesses to take a proactive approach to threat hunting.

Cybersecurity is an Imperative in the Era of Quantum Computing

The increasing importance of cybersecurity is now key, since enterprise solutions providers (and attackers) grow both in hardware and software. Changing the paradigm of the computational model utilized is arguably the most radical shift that can be imagined. Quantum technologies seem to be on the verge of bringing enterprises closer to such a transformation.

Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals is Becoming a Challenge

As per a recent report from ISACA, organizations across multiple industries are finding it difficult to fill-up their cybersecurity job roles.

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IT departments have doubled down on security measures since the ransomware outrages have increased. However, they may have taken their eyes off other threats that can cause just as much damage as a cyber-attack.

Implications that Predictive Analytics Has on Cybercrime

In the field of cybercrime, artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting in the reduction of crime risk and making life easier for security teams who are continually fighting these attacks. Predictive analytics can flag off a risk and vulnerability, essentially helping enterprises with restricted security resources to fend off sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Organizations are Struggling to Manage Their Cyber Assets

A recent report from JupiterOne highlights the expansion of attack surface threats due to cloud assets putting organizations at risk.

How Businesses Can Improve Their Fraud Program

While attackers and fraudsters are constantly adapting and evolving, businesses can take some steps to improve their fraud prevention procedures.

Cybersecurity in 2022 – The Evolving Role of a CISO as a Business Enabler

Often cybersecurity gets branded as a business expense but it is time to change the narrative. CISOs must demonstrate how a good cybersecurity strategy protects the company from threats while also increasing resilience. They need to show how an effective cybersecurity strategy is a business enabler.

Data Security Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

Concerns about data privacy and security have prompted global professional meetings among experts in the cybersecurity technology space to increase awareness about these online issues. Security has become a primary worry for all businesses as the number of large-scale cybersecurity incidents continues to rise.

A Data Breach Today, a Ransomware Attack Tomorrow

“Organizations should not think twice about implementing advanced security features like multi-factor authentication (MFA). The key to finding a good balance between usability and user security when it comes to protecting data,

Prioritizing Cyber Resiliency is Critical for Enterprises

Cybersecurity threats such as spyware, phishing, and ransomware attacks put governments, economies, businesses at risk. Cybersecurity focuses on data protection, but this is no longer enough; businesses now require cyber resilience.

Three Common Cloud Computing Threats CISOs Need to Be Aware of

While cloud computing has empowered organizations to streamline their business processes, it has made them vulnerable to ever-evolving threats. Therefore, CISOs should make themselves aware of the cloud computing threats.

The Need for Cloud Native Security in a Multi Cloud World

As cloud native becomes more widely adopted, new security issues and threats emerge on a regular basis. Security has become a significant influencing factor for the implementation of cloud native.

86% of Developers Do Not Prioritize Security

A recent report from Secure Code Warrior highlighted that most organizations are failing to prioritize cybersecurity, making their organizations vulnerable to the increasing cyber-attacks.

Five Signs of an Efficient and Successful IT Security Leader

Security leaders have never been more important to a company's success, and there's more to consider than technical ability as companies expand their security teams. Their rising significance is linked to the increased and unavoidable risk that businesses are today exposed to as a result of variables such as globalization and advanced technology.