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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Best Dishes to Try in Kalutara – Explore Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine has been shaped by diverse historical and cultural factors, and is a vibrant food culture waiting to be explored. Read on to know the best dishes to try in Kalutara.


Fish ambul thiyal

Sri Lanka is an island, which means that seafood plays a major role in the country's cuisine, and ambul thiyal meaning sour fish curry is a stalwart of it, and one of the most beloved varieties of the many different curries that are a part of the Sri Lankan cuisine. Having originated in the southern part of the island, this delicious dish is available in restaurants in Kalutara including the likes of Avani Kalutara Resort as well. Ambul thiyal is a dry curry dish, where all the ingredients are simmered with a bit of water, and cooked until the liquid evaporates. This method is known to allow the spices to coat each cube of fish.



Over the cacophony of vendors hawking their wares in raised voices and the incessant bustle of traffic, one is likely to hear the clanking of metal on metal. Which is the signal that a kottu stall is not far away. A quintessential favorite, a piping hot serving of kottu is a go-to fast food when one is craving something greasy and tasty. As a dish it resembles fried rice, except in place of rice, it is made with shredded strips of flat, crispy roti. When an order is placed, the chef will fry and chop the roti with a selection of ingredients including vegetables, cheese, and your type of meat, and is served with a spicy curry sauce.



Sri Lanka has been heavily influenced by a melting pot of cultures, and of the most notable ones are its beloved Dutch Burgher community. The name of the dish is derived from two Dutch words for lump and rice and features a combination of rice, meat, vegetables, and a spicy sambal chili sauce, which is then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. The original recipes included beef, pork, and lamp heavily infused with a combination of sweet and fragrant spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamoms.



Locally known as appa or appam, hoppers are the Sri Lankans ' answer to crepes. The batter is a concoction of coconut milk and rice flour. Which is laded onto a small wok and swirled around to even it out. Which is then garnished and served with lunu miris, a type of local sambal made out of salt, lemon juice, plenty of onions, and chilies. If you are interested in trying out a variation of it, request an egg hopper.


Pol Sambal

Apart from its seafood, coconuts are of supreme importance in Sri Lankan cuisines. This is why a side dish made entirely out of coconuts is deemed a fitting tribute. A type of fresh coconut relish, this dish is a simple blend of red onions, chillie powder, dried whole chilies, lime juice, salt, finely grated coconut, and Maldivian fish. The combined ingredients are ground, diced, and served as a garnish for anything and everything.