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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for Best Shopping Malls in Salalah - A slice of Arab style retail therapy, for the yearning shopaholics
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Best Shopping Malls in Salalah - A slice of Arab style retail therapy, for the yearning shopaholics

Modern architecture teams up with traditional Omani building styles in the coastal city of Salalah to treat its visitors to a fascinating shopping experience. Stroll through the majestic edifices sprung above bustling souks to unleash your inner shopaholic on a shopping spree like never before.


Salalah Gardens Mall - The city's very first 'modish' mall

Spanning across a whopping 86,000 square metres, Salalah Gardens Mall is the first fully integrated shopping mall in the city of Salalah as well as in the whole of southern Oman's Dhofar province. The sprawling mall isn't only a place for you to indulge in retail therapy, as it houses a host of dining and entertainment spaces, an authentic Omani souq as well as the city's first 3-screen multiplex, aside from the numerous flagship stores, high-end boutiques and international brands. The highlight of the mall is the picturesque water fountains and the lush green, tree-lined lawns spread out on the frontage, creating an oasis of serenity in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the buzzing city.


Salalah Grand Mall - Salalah's largest shopping mall

Taking centre stage as the largest shopping mall in Salalah, Salalah Grand Mall stands imposingly in all its glory amidst the bustling city. The majestic mall is a fresh new addition to the host of shopping malls in Salalah, erected not that long ago. Salalah Grand Mall opened its doors in early 2021 as the largest shopping mall in Salalah, pushing Salalah Gardens Mall – the then largest mall – to second place. Take a stroll through the magnificent Salalah Grand Mall and see if any of those luxury Arab brands tickle your fancy.


Salalah Mall - Your go-to for Omani household essentials

Nestled away in the peaceful residential neighbourhood of Awqad on the corner of the city, Salalah Mall is your go-to mall for picking up some traditional Omani household items. While other glimmering, glamorous shopping malls stock up on high-end luxury brands, this low-key mall provides you with an authentic opportunity to shop with and like the typical Salalah locals. Salalah Mall is located in close proximity to some of the most popular Oman attractions such as Al Hosn Palace, and many elegant hotels as well, like, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, which makes your shopping much easier.


Salalah Gallery Mall - A treat for the shopaholic's eyes

The second fully-integrated shopping mall to be erected in Salalah after Salalah Gardens Mall, Salalah Gallery is one of the most visited malls in the city. The frontage of the mall, with its glimmering glass facade, beautiful water fountains and the sight of golden chandeliers glowing inside, is a true treat for the eye that'll make you want to hop in right away.


Oasis Mall Salalah - An unforgettable shopping destination in Salalah

If you are after the best shopping malls in Salalah, your tour would not be complete without Oasis Mall. Spanning across a staggering 26,000 square metres and housing hundreds of shopping outlets, it is literally an oasis for yearning shopaholics.