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Top 5 Reasons to visit Mauritius - What makes Mauritius extraordinary

The beautiful multicultural island of Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places in the world that you can head to as there are stunning beaches, glorious mountains, lavish greenery and divine food awaiting your arrival.


Breathtaking beaches

There is nothing that screams Mauritius out loud other than the stunning beaches that make this country extra special. Mauritius being an island is able to boast about the different beaches around the country and all of these beaches are absolutely stunning. The pristine white sandy beaches outlined by the clear blue water that stretches out into the Indian Ocean seems like something out of a movie. Depending on what you would like to do and see you can pick the beach as each part offers a different style of beach in Mauritius. The east coast is more with rocks and things whereas the South is wilder and more exciting and you will find a lot of tourists. The west is where you need to head to if you prefer solitude and calmness and the north is where you will find the picturesque beaches that adorn the brochures about Mauritius.


Interesting culture

If there is one aspect that will always make Mauritius a memorable island that is definitely the multicultural aspect that this beautiful tropical island has to offer. Bringing together Asians, Europeans and other different ethnicities Mauritius offers an interesting cultural aspect for anyone visiting the country. The food, festivals, dances and celebrations are only a few of the different cultural aspects that brings Mauritius to life around the year. Even if you are staying at a resort like Anantara Iko Mauritius one cultural aspect you are bound to come across is the various types of food you will be indulging in there.


Glorious waterfalls

Lists that speak about attractions in Mauritius are incomplete if the stunning waterfalls in the country are not included in them. Amidst the volcanoes and the lush greenery, one can find the magnificent waterfalls that fall so proudly from the great heights of the mountains of Mauritius. While some of these waterfalls can be reached quite easily some of these will require a hike which can range from easy footpaths to tedious treks. If you are interested in exploring the waterfalls you will be able to enjoy the greenery in Mauritius in the process.


Beautiful nature

Nature is one of the most attractive aspects of Mauritius as there are many different national parks where you can see different species calling it their home. Some of these animals have been saved from extinction as a result of the nature reserve and scientific research centre that is located on Ile Aux Aigrettes which is an island off the east coast of Mauritius. The stunning Mauritius Fody, the Telfair's Skink, the Giant Aldabra Tortoise and the Pink Pigeon are some of the endangered species living on and around this island.


Divine food

One thing that Mauritius can boast about from dawn to dusk is the delicious food the country has to offer. This beautiful island nation has so many different types of fruits and vegetables that are grown in the country creating an abundance of fresh food available for the locals. The multicultural society brings together a collection of food preparations that will make your mouth water whenever you prepare for mealtime