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Updated by Robert Desley on Mar 26, 2022
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10 Common Indications That Tell You About Urgent Roof Repair

Detecting the symptoms that your roof requires repair can help you save a lot of money, time, and energy. Mold can grow on a leaking roof, causing internal damage to the home. Maintaining the condition of your roof will help it last longer. A complete roof replacement is both expensive and time-consuming.

However, repairing minor roof damage as soon as it is found will help you avoid replacing your roof sooner than expected. It is not a wise thing to go up to your roof and inspect it yourself. You may get some clear indications that you need roofing services in Los Angeles by Deangelo Roofing for evaluate your roof regularly.

Here are ten common signs that tell you it's time to get your roof inspected by a our professional


Signs of Sagging

A sagging roof can be caused by several factors. If an old roof is drooping, a roof replacement may be necessary. If a new roof sags, it is possible that the roof is not properly secured. A sagging roof can also indicate that the rafters have become moist, causing the wood to rot. If this is the case, either repair or replacement of the roof should be initiated as early as possible.


Loose or Missing Shingles

Roofing shingles can be disturbed or dislodged by strong winds and heavy rain. If you ignore missing or loose shingles, they might cause more harm. Repairing loose or missing shingles is a low-cost roof maintenance task that can save you substantial money over the years. Missing shingles, on the other hand, may indicate that your roof requires replacement.

Accordingly, as soon as you notice any missing or loose tiles, you should get in touch with our experts immediately to inspect your roof.


Increase in Energy Bills

If your roof is damaged, your HVAC system will have to labor more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature level. If you've found that your energy expenses are abnormal in a particular month, you may have a roofing concern in hand. Maintaining your roof structure will help you minimize pricier roof repairs in the future, as well as save energy costs.


Shingle Pieces in Gutters

It's pretty uncommon to find shingle fragments in the gutters if you have used composite or asphalt shingles. If you notice a lot of particles flying around from your roof, it's a sign that the shingles need to be replaced. The granules you're looking for have the appearance of coarse black sand.


Curled or Crumbling Shingles

Shingles have a short life span. As shingles age, they might become distorted, fractured, or curled. If you notice one or two defective shingles, replacing them should help your roof last longer. However, if you notice a lot of warped shingles, you may need a complete roof replacement.


Internal Water Leaks

If you observe any water leaks to your home's internal walls, you should immediately get your roof inspected. If you find mold or signs of moisture seeping through the attic, the same rules apply. Water damage on the ceiling could indicate that the roof is leaky. Low quality roof ventilation or a faulty roof or underlayment could be the source of mold and mildew.


Penetration of Daylight

You have a roofing problem if you notice sunshine entering your attic through the roof. As a result, rain, wind, and moisture can all pass through the shingles if daylight can. Sunshine streaming through your roof could mean you need to replace some shingles or that the roof has reached its end.


Roof Discoloration

Shingle discoloration could signal that the shingles are moist or damaged. If you detect black patches on the roof, it could be an indication that mold is forming on the shingles. Further, if your roof has become discolored, a fast-track check will reveal the source of the problem. We can then perform necessary roof repairs.


Damage of Roof Surroundings

It's a good idea to look at the roof surroundings apart from your roof. Damage to the regions around roof fittings, such as chimneys, pipes, and vents, can usually be fixed before the roof suffers further injury.


Damage due to Hailstorms

It is important to schedule a roof check if you have recently suffered a storm and suspect that the roof has after-effects. Broken or missing shingles, as well as traces of water flowing into the attic, are visible signs of storm damage. When it comes to roofing issues due to massive hailstorms, repairing the damage as soon as possible saves you money and possible hazards in the long run.